Finding Stocks Poised to Skyrocket

Imagine how your life would be different with just a few critical calls in the market.

Imagine your life if you had bought:

  • Microsoft for 39 cents per share.
  • Apple for $1.49 per share
  • Cisco for 50 cents per share.

I recommended those stocks at those prices….and my subscribers collected massive gains.

And I live a comfortable life because of those calls and many, many others with similar huge gains.

I didn’t achieve those gains with market timing, or just by getting lucky.

I’m a numbers guy.

I have loved math my entire life, and I have used math and technology to help me find the stocks poised to make huge moves in the market.

But I still wasn’t satisfied. I knew that math and technology could lead me to find the stocks that are poised to soar in a much shorter period of time.

I’ve been working on this project for years, and now – finally – I’m ready to share new research from this initiative.

I call this effort Project Mastermind.

Even just a few years ago, this kind of analysis was more like a dream than reality.

Using modern technology and loads of data, I am able to identify which stocks are ready to skyrocket, and the gains can come in months, not years!

Gains like these can be a retirement game changer. A chance to collect triple-digit returns in a short time.

And now, I’m ready to present this system to the world.

We all know technology is changing the world around us, and it’s changing the way we invest, too.

Next Wednesday, October 20, at 4 p.m. ET, I will unveil Project Mastermind and show you exactly how I use modern technology to identify stocks that are ready to soar. I’ll also share the stock I’ve rated number-one based on insights from Project Mastermind – ticker symbol and all…

I encourage you to set some time aside and join me. What I reveal is going to be a real investing game changer. You can click here to sign up now to reserve your spot.


Louis Navellier

The Editor hereby discloses that as of the date of this email, the Editor, directly or indirectly, owns the following securities that are the subject of the commentary, analysis, opinions, advice, or recommendations in, or which are otherwise mentioned in, the essay set forth below:

Cisco Systems (CSCO), Microsoft Corporation (MSFT)

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