Use Escape Velocity to Thrive Financially During Trying Times

Like you, I’ve been run ragged with all the negative news over the past year and a half.

We’ve weathered the COVID-19 pandemic, an astounding market crash, one of the most contentious elections in history, the Delta variant, and the emergence of a whipsaw market shaken by politics, international energy crises, gas shortages, cyber hacks, and more.

But one cannot help to view all of this negativity as the proverbial “darkness before the dawn.”

And as Eric Fry and I explored last night at our Escape Velocity Event, it is not only possible to make money during these trying times… but it’s possible to thrive.

Here’s what I mean…

Eric and I have our diverse approaches to the market; I’m a quant guy, Eric is a macro guy.

My research for the last 40 years has been all about finding great stocks – the elite few names that had both the best-of-the-best fundamentals and significant buying pressure from the big-money institutions.

Simply put, I take a “bottom-up” approach. I search for companies with great characteristics in any sector or size. Specifically, I’m looking for companies that can consistently grow their sales and earnings. Typically, as a company grows, its stock price rises along with it.

This approach has garnered back-tested gains, like…

  • 1,329% back-tested gains in Noah Holdings
  • 967% back-tested gains in Silicon Motion Technology Corp.
  • 1,630% back-tested gains in 51job Inc.

And Eric’s track record is impressive, too. Just take a look at his open investment recommendations…

  • 41 different recommendations that all went up over 1,000%.
  • In that group, 14 that went on to gain more than 2,000%, and seven of them gained more than 5,000%.

So, this begs the questions… what the heck is “escape velocity,” and what was last night’s event all about?

Well, financial escape velocity is obtained when you’re not weighed down by the gravity of taxes, inflation, and all the other forces that quietly steal your wealth away before you can enjoy it.

If you’ll excuse the cliché, it’s a form of financial freedom – and Eric and I got together last night to show you exactly how you can have the chance to achieve it.

But if you missed last night’s event, don’t worry; over 120,000 people signed up to attend, and the response was so incredible that we’re showing a replay.

Go here now to view it.


Louis Navellier

P.S. Learning how to achieve financial escape velocity is one thing, but knowledge without action is worthless. So, Eric and I put together two reports with our top escape velocity plays for you to act on today – click here to learn how to access them.

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