Where You Need to Look to Catch Up on Your Retirement Plans

When it comes down to it, searching for the market’s best income investments is similar to searching for the market’s best growth stocks, in that they both boil down to the same principle.

It’s all about the numbers.

I was a pioneer in the field of quantitative analysis starting in the 1970s, and among the early adopters in the financial world of using computers to analyze stocks and other investments.

Now, it’s no secret that every year computing power gets faster and faster. And not just a little faster, exponentially faster.

The smartphone in your pocket can do more than NASA could when we sent a man to the moon in 1969. Today, some computers can do a trillion math equations in a single second.

And to carry out the kind of research I wanted to do to find and properly analyze the best income-producing investments, it takes an unbelievable amount of computing power.

There are thousands of additional factors to look at. There’s annual earnings, quarterly earnings, net profits, gross profits, sales, P/E, return of equity, tangible assets, stock price momentum, trading volume, and relative strength. And those are just the common factors I look at — there are hundreds of others.

Simply put, you can’t do it half-baked. Not with so much riding on the outcome.

And that level of firepower only became available a short while ago.

What is the Best Income Producing Asset?

But thanks to huge recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and other computing technologies, I set out on a particular approach to income investing that can put thousands of dollars of cash into the hands of everyday Americans quickly and consistently. I call it my Accelerated Income Project 2021.

For this project, I went looking for the best income-producing assets out of the entire universe of investments.

I’m talking about dozens of asset classes, each with thousands of individual investments. Everything from dividends, options and bonds to real estate, annuities, variable annuities, REITS, master limited partnerships, private equity deals, CDs, royalties, spin-offs, even peer-to-peer lending – to name just a few.

I looked at them all. And the massive reams of data I looked at had to be analyzed in real time. I could not have managed this without incredibly powerful computers and lightning-fast network connections set up in my offices, all processing multiple data feeds.

The research took years, but after all my analysis, the numbers kept pointing me to the same conclusion.

What I uncovered with my Accelerated Income Project 2021 is the best of all worlds — the potential for more consistency, more safety, and big yields. I call them my accelerated income generators.

To really understand what they are, and my strategy in finding them, I’ve decided to hold an online presentation this Wednesday, June 30, at 7 p.m. Eastern, to explain the full details.

The presentation I’ll detail could hold the key to helping solve America’s retirement crisis and help supplement income while America gets back to work.

Simply click here to get your name on the list for this exclusive presentation.

Louis Navellier

P.S. Don’t miss this special event, the Accelerated Income Project 2021.

This Wednesday, June 30, at 7 p.m. Eastern, I will unveil my incredible new research geared toward putting massive, consistent cash payouts into the pockets of everyday Americans, like clockwork.

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