Achieving Peak Performance Investing

What a great night we had!

Everyone in our office is tired but exhilarated about the response to the Project Mastermind event last night.

We’re still fielding calls today after thousands of people tuned in for the details behind Project Mastermind — my system for using the latest technology and data for more profits, fast…with a lot less risk!

You likely know I’m a numbers guy. But you may not know I’m always looking to improve my performance, including a way to make my calculations work faster than ever!

Last night I unveiled my latest pick to the public in a special event. (You still have time to catch the replay here.)

I also described Project Mastermind in detail, including:

  • The trillions of data points I use to find the most powerful group of stocks on the market. (There’s a unique set of stocks that goes up by incredible multiples FASTER than any others-without the risk.)
  • The cutting-edge technology Project Mastermind uses to “predict” which stocks are poised for a big move. (This technology is used by Wall Street but has been kept out of reach of the “little guy…” until now.)
  • The “secret ingredient” behind the biggest calls of my career-it’s how I found Apple (AAPL) at $1.49… Oracle (ORCL) at 51 cents… Amazon (AMZN) at $49.
  • AND, I revealed the number one-rated stock Project Mastermind is telling me to buy now. Ticker symbol and all-during the interview – absolutely FREE!

You can still view my presentation, plus get the free pick, if you listen to the replay now – it will only be available for a short time.

Achieving Peak Performance

Over the next several days in Market360, I’m going to share a special editorial series called Peak Performance. This series will get to the heart of why I developed Project Mastermind: investors get lousy market returns because we let our emotions and our biases influence our decisions.

When you delve into how human beings operate, you find that the human brain is a marvelous tool for all sorts of things, but it’s a terrible tool for investing.

Why? Because we make decisions based on our emotions and our inherent biases about ourselves and the world around us.

The more you know about the workings of your own mind, the “bugs” inside it, and how they work against our investment performance, the more you can develop strategies to mitigate the negative effects of those bugs – and achieve peak performance.

I hope you’ll find the content entertaining and informative.


Louis Navellier

Louis Navellier

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