The Next Evolution in Investing

I’ve always loved numbers, and I’ve always been fascinated with the stock market.

I’ve turned my love of those things into a successful career as an advisor and investor. Along the way I’ve helped my readers claim double- and triple-digit gains in the market and create a more secure future for themselves.

But my career as an investor really started with a homework assignment.

As a grad student at Cal State Hayward some 30 years ago, a professor gave me an assignment that would change my life … and lead me down a path that would make me, and many of my subscribers, rich.

The assignment was to create a model that would mimic the S&P 500.

My professor wanted to prove that indexing was the best way to invest. Using Wells Fargo & Company’s  powerful mainframe computers, I completed the assignment—but there was one little problem.

My model didn’t just mirror the S&P’s performance, it actually beat it!

I was one of the first analysts to use advanced computer models to analyze the market – back when computers were cutting-edge technology.

Using those tools, and lots and lots of data, I was able to make calls like Nike Inc. (NKE) at 39 cents per share and Intel Corporation (INTC) at $3.57 per share.

Leveraging mathematical analysis and the latest technology, I’ve established an impressive track record of growth. In fact, over 15 years, my large-cap stock picks beat Warren Buffet!

The lessons I learned in grad school are still serving me well today. Advanced technology is the single greatest tool investors can use to make investment decisions.

The truth is that the technology is moving so fast that even the proprietary market terminals are relics!

And that’s why I’ve kept evolving my system and used technology to take investing to the next level.

And now I’m ready to reveal the next evolution to the world.

I call it: Project Mastermind.

Using the latest tech, I’ve discovered a way to do even better in the markets. The results are faster, and come without any additional risk, — that’s what Project Mastermind is really about.

Click here to hear more from me about how my system works, and join me on Tuesday, January 19, at 4 p.m., as I unveil my system and give you my #1 Project Mastermind stock!

Louis Navellier

Louis Navellier

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Nike Inc. (NKE)

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