Are You Ready for the January Effect?

Small-cap stocks have been on a roll lately. The Russell 2000 index just posted its strongest quarter ever, soaring over 22.1%, while the S&P 500 increased 9.1% and the Dow grew by 8.1%.

My Breakthrough Stocks, on average, have continued to benefit from an early “January effect” that begins as yearend pension funding, annual gift-giving and other positive seasonal events create buying pressure on higher trading volume.

Yearend pension funding and annual gift-giving often create forced buying pressure under smaller-cap stocks, which are more sensitive to volume. As a result, they tend to flourish between November and May.

This played out about a year ago. You can see in the chart below how the Russell 2000 grew over 14% from November 2019 through mid-January 2020.

What has been even more amazing this year about the fourth quarter is that many of my small-cap Breakthrough Stocks appreciated on light trading volume. The first quarter could bring much higher trading volume, so the price appreciation potential could be even stronger, thanks to their superior earnings and sales growth.

FactSet analysts predict the S&P 500 will achieve year-over-year earnings growth of 22.1% in full-year 2021, which is well above the 10-year average growth rate of 10%. Revenue growth should also rise 7.9%, which is close to double the 10-year average rate of 4.5% revenue growth.

Of course, I fully anticipate my own fundamentally superior Breakthrough Stocks are poised to do even better this season thanks to strong forecasted sales and earnings.

My Breakthrough Stocks’ average sales are forecasted to accelerate to 102.6% in the fourth quarter, up from an average of 80.5% in the third quarter. Naturally, due to profit margin expansion, Breakthrough Stocks’ average earnings are forecasted to rise to 455.9% in the fourth quarter, down slightly for an average of 544.2% in the third quarter.

However, my Breakthrough Stocks have had their earnings estimates revised 41.4% higher in the past three months, so they are expected to post big earnings surprises for the fourth quarter, which, in turn, should drive them higher as Wall Street cheers the strong results

One of the reasons that my Breakthrough Stocks are posting incredible sales and earnings growth is that the year-over-year comparisons remain very favorable and will continue for much of 2021 due to the impact Covid-19 has had on the U.S. economy.

I’ll discuss much more about the trends fueling analysts’ predictions about the incredible earnings and sales in my Breakthrough Stocks January Monthly Issue. And I’ll lay out what it all means for my Breakthrough Stocks, which will be released tomorrow after the market close.

The bottom line: I know there have been a lot of media and political distractions, which is why focusing on fundamentally superior stocks is the best way to control your own investing destiny. The upcoming announcement season is expected to be stunning and I fully expect wave-after-wave of better-than-expected results to propel my stocks substantially higher! I also expect very strong guidance, so I remain especially positive for my Breakthrough Stocks.

As I said, I’ll talk much more about the trends that will propel stocks higher in the coming months in tomorrow’s Breakthrough Stocks January Monthly Issue. I’ll also unveil three new buy recommendations.

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Louis Navellier

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