The Best Stocks to “Lock and Load” in October

The third quarter announcement season is about to ramp up in a big way and you know what that means.

Our fundamentally superior Breakthrough Stocks are poised to benefit from wave after wave of better-than-expected third quarter sales and earnings figures, as well as positive guidance for the fourth quarter.

Wall Street is estimating stunning third quarter average annual sales growth of 55.8% and average annual earnings growth of 336.5%. The analyst community has revised their consensus earnings estimate 39.8% in the past three months, which bodes well for big earnings surprises in the upcoming weeks.

And that’s just the beginning.

I’m seeing plenty of evidence that we are in the midst of a V-shaped economic recovery.

The Atlanta Fed recently bumped up its estimate for third quarter GPD growth to an annual rate of 35.3% from 34.6% just October 1.

According to the National Association of Realtors, existing home sales in August jumped 10.5% higher than a year prior and notched the highest seasonally adjusted annualized sales rate since December 2006.

And the Conference Board reported last week that its consumer confidence index surged to a reading of 101.8 in September from 86.3 in August. That’s the biggest increase in more than 20 years!

The good news doesn’t stop there.

I’ll provide more details in the upcoming Breakthrough Stocks October Monthly Issue coming out this afternoon.

But let me make clear right now: the number of stocks I am finding to buy is rising fast.

In fact, due to the robust economic recovery, my Breakthrough Stocks Buy List has grown to include 30 stocks for the first time in years!

Many of the companies on my Buy List are benefitting during the pandemic, which looks like it may persist well into 2021 or until an effective vaccine becomes widely available.

One of my Top 5 to buy right now is an example of what investors have to look forward to during the third-quarter announcement season.

The company is thriving during the pandemic and recently raised its third-quarter earnings guidance thanks to strong sales growth. I’m anticipating this stock will continue to prosper, along with all of the others on my Buy List.

I know a lot of folks are still feeling uncertain about the markets, and I can tell from your questions that there is a tremendous amount of anxiety about the upcoming Presidential election.

However, there is also a lot of cash still on the sidelines waiting for the uncertainty surrounding the Presidential election to clear. Naturally, there is a big fear of a contested election outcome, as well as the fact that many people may not vote due to coronavirus worries.

Frankly, rather than worry about the outcome of the Presidential election, I truly believe that our best defense remains a strong offense of fundamentally superior Breakthrough Stocks.

Not only do we have stunning third quarter announcements to look forward to, but we can anticipate an early “January effect” that happens to stocks as yearend pension funding and annual gift giving heat up.

So, I am expecting at least a 20% year-end surge for our Breakthrough Stocks!

Time to Trade

I’ve recently taken steps across all my services to ensure that my subscribers remain invested in companies that are prospering in the current environment. In Growth Investor, I recently sold one stock. In Accelerated Profits, I recommended three new buys and two sells. And in Platinum Growth Club, I added three names to the Model Portfolio and sold three.

In this Friday’s Breakthrough Stocks October Monthly issue, I’ll be adding five new buys, as well as three sells. The new buys have had their earnings predictions revised upwards by analysts in recent days, which typically precede future earnings surprises.

In the upcoming issue, I’ll also release my new list of Top 5 stocks – the ones that are performing the best right now.

Bottom line: We have a lot to look forward to in October and as earnings season gets underway. Check out your subscription to Breakthrough Stocks for all the details.

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