Before You Go “All In” on Any Sector, Read This

Every week, my virtual “mailbag” fills up with questions about every sector you can imagine. Lately, I’ve been getting plenty of questions like: What do you think about mining stocks? Or oil tankers? How about dividend stocks? Insurance companies?

Now, I could be like lots of other stock “experts”: I could go on TV to declare which sector is the hottest one to “Buy, buy, buy!”

But I’d have to ignore the facts. And the fact is, for growth investors, every sector offers “Strong Buys”…and “Strong Sells,” too!

What’s more, they’re easy to spot – with the right quantitative approach. That’s how I picked all the greatest stocks of my career. I discovered a set of criteria that market-beating stocks all shared…which became the Portfolio Grader I use to scan nearly 5,000 stocks every week.

So, I certainly have my own opinions and I’m happy to share them with my readers, but I always take my cues from the numbers.

Don’t limit yourself to any particular group or theme. Take a set of proven criteria and apply it to ALL kinds of stocks, with exposure to different asset classes. And the process will be quicker and more effective with my free Portfolio Grader tool. Simply visit, then plug in the stock ticker before making any decisions (buy, sell or hold!)

Starting with the Portfolio Grader, I developed a set of extra criteria that “narrows the field” to supercharged stocks like the two I just recommended for my new Accelerated Income Project.

People have used my quantitative system to invest in blue chip stocks, or to find small caps that can grow 10X. But now I’ve adjusted my proven investing analysis to focus on the stocks that are set to soar … like coiled springs … in just a short time period.

You won’t have to wait years for double- and even triple-digit returns with The Accelerated Income Project. I’ve designed it so you can get the income you need on a regular basis. And no: It doesn’t require using options or any “trick” investing.

Here in Market360, in this series of articles, Your Accelerated Income Guide, we’ve been discussing how I find “accelerated income” stocks. The ones that can shoot up quickly … and provide you the extra income everyone can use … now more than ever.

The biggest single factor in The Accelerated Income Project – and any other smart growth strategy – is reflected in my proprietary Quantitative Grade for the stock.

So, allow me to briefly show you how to interpret that Quantitative Grade…and what it can do for your profits!

Spotting a King of the Ring

One of my most important criteria is strong buying pressure. Think of this as “following the money.” The more money that floods into a stock, the more momentum a stock has to rise. And there’s no doubt about it, we all like stocks that rise!

This is the heart of my proprietary Quantitative Grade.

And the great thing is that my system can spot laggards that are about to become winners. Let’s look at World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) as an example.

You’re probably familiar with names like Hulk Hogan, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Stone Cold Steve Austin, who all rose to fame in professional wrestling. And the biggest professional wrestling company is WWE.

WWE stock was flat for 15 years. Most folks probably dismissed it. But behind my profit alerts (like my two new buys for The Accelerated Income Project) is a computer system. It doesn’t have biases. It just looks at the numbers. And it can tell you something no one else knows: when a stock is about to break out!

Below you see a chart from when I recommended buying WWE stock in December 2017 through 2019. The stock had achieved a top score of “A” for its Quantitative Grade, and as expected, the flood of major institutional cash kept shares moving higher and higher.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Chart

You’ll see above that WWE shot up and returned 150% gains before I recommended selling it in May 2019.

Why did I recommend selling it? In the first quarter of 2019, WWE revealed slowing earnings and sales momentum. WWE reported total first-quarter revenue of $182.4 million, down from $187.7 million in the same quarter a year ago. WWE also announced an earnings loss of $8.4 million, or an $0.11 per share loss, down from earnings of $14.8 million, or $0.18 per share, in the first quarter of 2018.

Both revenues and earnings were worse than Wall Street analysts had expected. Due to the earnings and sales misses, the analyst community aggressively lowered their earnings estimates for subsequent quarters.

My methods like The Accelerated Income Project use these data points to signal when it’s time to get out. If you bought WWE at the time of my original recommendation, and sold when I recommended, you achieved a 149% gain, including dividends.

It can be difficult to let this kind of stock go. A pick going up 150% makes you feel awfully smart.

But we didn’t let our biases control us. We used cold, hard facts to tell us when it was time to get out. And that was a year before fans had to stop attending big events like WrestleMania due to the coronavirus!

This year, WWE stock has taken quite awhile to recover from the sell-off. But even prior to that, the stock didn’t do much for months after my sell alert last May. So, it was nice to have that capital freed up.

Now we’re deploying this system for even better gains in less time with my new Accelerated Income ProjectI alerted subscribers to two new picks just last week – and two more have popped up on my radar this week!

I’m working on another buy alert for Thursday. So, if you missed the free launch event last week, now’s the perfect time to watch the replay.

Note: At Wednesday’s Accelerated Income Project event, I unveiled a radical new income investment my high-speed research system helped me uncover. I promise, it has nothing to do with dividends, bonds, options, or the other “traditional” income investments you’ve likely heard of. This was much bigger and much more powerful.

Watch the full replay here.

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