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What a great evening we had! Even though InvestorPlace is still physically closed, everyone in our “office” rallied together from home for our Accelerated Income Project. We’re thrilled about the response to yesterday’s launch event.

We’re still fielding calls after thousands of people tuned in for the details behind The Accelerated Income Project – my unique approach to income. No dividends, no bonds, no options trading. Just classic profits, thanks to a proprietary system that can deliver fat checks in weeks or months…not years!

For many of you, it’s unlike anything you’ve seen from me before…or any other financial “gurus.” And yesterday I unveiled it to the public in a special event. (You still have time to catch the replay here.)

During the event I described The Accelerated Income Project in detail, including:

  • Why, as a growth investor, I took on a research project about income investing.
  • How my experience as a “quant” and billions of data points led me to the safest, most lucrative income investment on the market. (This investment blows “traditional” income investments like dividends, bonds, and options out of the water—in fact, it can produce 40 times the income as a dividend-paying stock.)
  • How my income breakthrough can help you continue to receive regular payouts… for the next 30 years.
  • How my Accelerated Income Project can help you see twenty $2,500 payout opportunities over the course of the next 12 months (that’s $50,000 in total).

You can still view my presentation, plus get the free pick, if you listen to the replay now – it will only be available for a short time.

A Better Way to Invest for Income

Over the next several days in Market360, I’m going to share a special series of articles, Your Accelerated Income Guide. This series will get to the heart of why I developed The Accelerated Income Project: So many investors have spent years getting lousy market returns and now they need a strategy to catch-up to live the life they’ve always dreamed.

People have used my quantitative system to invest in blue chip stocks, or to find small caps that can grow 10X. But now I’ve adjusted my proven investing analysis to focus on the stocks that are set to soar … like coiled springs … in just a short time period.

You won’t have to wait years for double- and even triple-digit returns with my Accelerated Income Project. I’ve designed it so you can get the income you need on a regular basis … and all without using risky options or any other “trick” investing.

I’m still a “quant.” Math and numbers, the bread and butter of my investing system, still signals what’s a great investment and when to invest.

But over the next few days we’ll be talking about how I find “accelerated income” stocks: the ones that can shoot up quickly … and provide you the extra income everyone can use … now more than ever.

I hope you’ll find the content entertaining and informative.

Note: If you missed my income event yesterday, here’s the replay.

At The Accelerated Income Project event, I unveiled a radical new income investment my high-speed research system helped me uncover. I promise, it has nothing to do with dividends, bonds, options, or the other “traditional” income investments you’ve likely heard of. This was much bigger and much more powerful.

Watch the full replay here.

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