How to Use the Stock Market to Generate Big Income Streams

I mentioned yesterday that I’m a numbers guy. I’ve always loved numbers, and there’s nothing more fun to me than rolling my sleeves up and digging into data. The stock market is made of numbers, so it’s no surprise that it’s one of the things I’m most interested in – and profited from nicely, too.

In my 40-plus years of careful research and quantitative analysis, I’ve turned my love of numbers into a successful career as an adviser and investor. Along the way I’ve helped my readers claim double and triple-digit gains in the market and create a more secure future for themselves.

Interestingly,  my career as an investor really started with a homework assignment.

As a grad student at Cal State Hayward some 40 years ago, a professor gave me an assignment that would change my life … and lead me down a path that would make me, and many of my subscribers, rich.

The assignment was to create a model that would mimic the S&P 500.

My professor wanted to prove that indexing was the best way to invest. Using Wells Fargo’s powerful mainframe computers, I completed the assignment—but there was one little problem.

My model didn’t just mirror the S&P’s performance, it actually beat it!

I was one of the first analysts to use advanced computer models to analyze the market – back when computers were cutting-edge technology.

Using those tools, and lots and lots of data, I was able to make calls like Nike at 39 cents per share and Intel at $3.57 per share.

Leveraging mathematical analysis and the latest technology, I’ve established an impressive track record of growth. In fact, over 15 years, my large-cap stock picks beat Warren Buffet!

The lessons I learned in grad school are still serving me well today. Advanced technology is the single greatest tool investors can use to make investment decisions.

The truth is that the technology is moving so fast that even the proprietary market terminals are relics!

And that’s why I’ve kept evolving my proprietary Portfolio Grader system and used technology to take investing to the next level.

That system has helped my subscribers across all my research services achieve tremendous gains, like 371% in America Movil… 457% in Holly Corp… 612% in Santarus… And that’s just a drop in the bucket!

And now I’m ready to take that same approach to income investing.

Often, when investors think of generating income, bonds are the first investment that comes to mind. But in this ultralow interest rate environment, there’s little money to be made in the bond market.

The reality is the best game in town is still the stock market. So with the help of my Portfolio Grader I’ve come up with a way to generate consistent income streams.

I call it my Accelerated Income Project.

As I mentioned yesterday, this is a particular approach to income investing that can put thousands of dollars of cash into the hands of everyday Americans quickly and consistently.

By following this new income strategy, investors have the potential to put an extra $50,000 in their pockets over the next 12 months.

To really understand my strategy, I’ve decided to hold an online presentation “live” from my beachfront home in Florida on Wednesday, May 20, to explain the full details.

The presentation I’ll detail could hold the key to helping solve America’s retirement crisis and help supplement income while America gets back to work. Simply click here to get your name on the list for this exclusive presentation.

Note: Don’t miss this special event, The Accelerated Income Project.

On Wednesday, May 20, at 4 p.m. Eastern, I will unveil incredible new research geared toward putting massive, consistent cash payouts into the pockets of everyday Americans, like clockwork.

What I’m going to present could be a retirement game changer. Click here to learn more.

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