How InvestorPlace Mission Control Can Help You Navigate This Market

We’re in fascinating times, folks. And in the current market environment, it’s all the more important that you have the best stock market insights that can help you make sense of the stock market and how to navigate it.

This is exactly what Brian Hunt, CEO of InvestorPlace, is aiming to do with InvestorPlace’s newest free service. It’s called InvestorPlace Mission Control, and it aims to bring readers up-to-the-second financial insights, updates, and stock ideas to help you avoid danger and seize opportunity during the biggest crisis of our time.

Brian Hunt has written a short message to share all the details of this valuable service. You can read it below. I will be back in touch tomorrow with another Market360 article, so stay tuned!


Hi folks,

Hello. Brian Hunt here. I’m the CEO of InvestorPlace.

If you’re like most people with a job, savings, and investments, you’ve increased your “screen time” over the past month.You’ve read a lot more news and a lot more financial research than you normally do.

We’re all worried about the health of family, friends, and coworkers. We’re worried about the economy and job losses and the financial markets.

You may be at home right now, reading the news… tracking the spread of coronavirus… and figuring out what it means for you, your family, and your finances.

You’re looking for insight.

You’re looking for answers.

If you’re trying to figure out if you should buy, sell, or do something totally new, we at InvestorPlace have created a valuable new resource for you.

Even better, this resource is totally free.

We call it InvestorPlace Mission Control.

The goal behind Mission Control is simple: Ensure our members know about every important new development in our fight against coronavirus… in addition to knowing about all the financial dangers and opportunities the crisis presents.

Mission Control comes in the form of a “live feed.” Throughout the day, we’ll post many short commentaries with links to important news, insights, and actionable advice.

As a reader of Mission Control, you’ll get stock ideas from the world’s best investors… unique insights the mainstream media is missing… and commentary on how the corona crisis is changing the world.

Here at InvestorPlace, we believe the coronavirus has brought us to a major turning point in history… a “phase change” if you will.

Like all turning points in history, this one will create huge winners and huge losers.

As I write, the ground our economy rests on is shifting beneath our feet. Volatility has skyrocketed. The values of massive companies are radically changing in just hours. Historic shifts are happening in the business and financial markets.

We believe that more volatility… and more giant shifts are coming.

Thanks to these shifts and the massive government stimulus efforts on the way, we are about to see some of the largest transfers of wealth in human history.

We are about to see an enormous reshuffling of the economic deck.

This means we will continue to see very rapid and very large changes in asset prices.

The market values of companies, bonds, currencies, and commodities will fluctuate wildly.

The “financial laws of physics” will change month to month.

All at the same time, we will see some of the biggest “bailouts” in history…we’ll witness some of the biggest corporate “chess moves” in history… many that ensure the strong get stronger and the weak get weaker and die… and we’ll see some of the biggest investment opportunities of our lives and many big short-term trading opportunities.

This will likely be the most chaotic time period you and I will ever live through.

This is a time of great danger.

And while I know it sounds crass, I have to point out that it is also a time of HUGE opportunity.

Just remember…

During times of chaos, essential assets like factories, skyscrapers, and farms don’t dry up and blow away.

During a crisis, the only thing that changes about these valuable, lasting assets is who owns them.

Given the gravity of what’s happening right now…

Our company mission is to make sure you have the information and guidance you need to navigate this time of historic danger and opportunity.

InvestorPlace Mission Control is our latest effort to carry out that mission.

Again… InvestorPlace Mission Control is totally free.

You can access by clicking on this link.

Make sure you check in at Mission Control frequently throughout the day. I guarantee you’ll find a lot of useful, interesting information there… all geared to help you navigate this extraordinary time of danger and opportunity.

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