Are the Financial Experts Right About An Impending Market Crash?

The bull market has been on a fantastic run since it first kicked off way back in 2009, experiencing the longest uninterrupted gains in U.S. history.

Given the long run, it’s no surprise that the financial media is talking up 2020 as the year the bull run finally comes to an end and the beginning of a huge stock market correction.

In fact, a growing number of “experts” agree that the next crash will be worse than the Great Depression.

Influential investor Jeffrey Gundlach, the CEO of DoubleLine Capital, which manages nearly $150 billion in assets, said last week, “U.S. stocks will get crushed in the next recession…”

And that it could happen ahead of the 2020 election.

So, if you’ve been exclusively following the financial media, I know you might be asking yourself if now is the time to head for the sidelines or stay put for bigger gains ahead.

My 40 years of investing experience not only helps me find great buys in any market, it’s also given me pretty good instincts about market moves in general.

That’s why you can count on me to provide answers and clarity during these uncertain times.

So, here’s what I’m going to do…

Tonight, I’m sitting down for my first-ever emergency stock market briefing.

We’re calling it the Early Warning Summit 2020 and you can reserve your spot for free by going here.

I’ll be joined by my good friend and InvestorPlace colleague Matt McCall.

Together, we’ll sit down with an Emmy-nominated journalist and tell you exactly where the markets will head in 2020 and where we recommend you should be putting your money.

I cannot stress enough the importance of signing up to attend this event.

Life-changing wealth may take years to acquire but it always boils down to a handful of decisions you need to get right.

Today, you need to make that decision.

At the top of a historic bull market, with a lot of money on the line, you need to know what’s coming next and how to prepare.

You’ll learn both during the Early Warning Summit.

You can sign up for free by clicking here.

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