How "Bitcoin Beginners" Are Beating The Pros

Florida multi-millionaire says anyone can get rich in today’s crypto-boom… if they know the secret.

By Shannon Miller, NavellierGrowth

Bill Halstead’s life is changing… fast.

The 60-year-old has already made more than $100,000 in pure profit, thanks to the red-hot cryptocurrency boom. What’s more, he expects that amount to at least double moving forward.

51-year-old Collie Tragesser is in a similar boat. She’s no cryptocurrency expert, yet she’s pocketed more than $163,000 so far.

Then there’s 77-year-old Chuck Yonak, who’s says he’s bringing in $50,000 per year, thanks to the surging cryptocurrency markets.

While success stories in the crypto world are hardly anything new… these folks’ stories have a surprising twist.

They are minting their fortunes with no cryptocurrency experience necessary. Without knowing a lick about computers or programming… without having to know how to open a digital wallet.

Most importantly, without doing anything as risky with their money.

You see, these folks are taking advantage of/exploiting a ‘back door’ cryptocurrency technique recently discovered by multi-millionaire math whiz and financial analyst, Louis Navellier.

As a college student, Navellier gained notoriety for writing complex computer algorithms that clobbered the financial markets by more than 300%. Wall Street firms even offered to pay him big money for his software.

His story has been profiled in The Wall Street Journal, Fortune, Barron’s, and The New York Times among others. Forbes even called him “The King of Quants.”

Now, Navellier says he’s uncovered an anomaly in cryptocurrency markets that can give even the greenest investor a serious advantage over seasoned pros.

Navellier says, “It’s a rare time in history… and it may be decades before we get another chance like this, to accumulate wealth so quickly. And the good news is, you don’t have to be anywhere near computer or tech savvy to cash in.”

Mr. Navellier recently posted an online video presentation for anyone interested in learning more about this unique opportunity.

If you’ve been kicking yourself for missing out on the life-changing gains happening in cryptocurrencies right now — this might be the opportunity you’ve been waiting for.

Get the full story by clicking here…

Important Disclaimer: This is not an endorsement of, or a recommendation for, Bitcoin.

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