22 High Tech Stocks Worth a Second Look from You Right Now

Led by bad news concerning Facebook (FB), technology stocks were hit hard earlier this week. But that means that for companies with strong fundamentals, right now is an excellent buying opportunity. Today, I want to share with you 22 high tech companies worth a second look right now.

So, without any further ado, here are 22 A-rated tech stocks—everything from software to data processing to Internet retail—to help you end this quarter strong:

Symbol Company Name Quantitative
ADBE Adobe Systems Incorporated A B A
ATHM Autohome, Inc. A B A
BABA Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. A C A
BR Broadridge Financial Solutions, Inc. A B A
CRM salesforce.com, inc. A C A
CSGP CoStar Group, Inc. A C A
DXC DXC Technology Co. A B A
GRUB GrubHub, Inc. A B A
IAC IAC/InterActiveCorp. A C A
MTCH Match Group, Inc. A C A
PYPL PayPal Holdings Inc A B A
RHT Red Hat, Inc. A B A
SHOP Shopify, Inc. A C A
SPLK Splunk Inc. A B A
SQ Square, Inc. A C A
TEAM Atlassian Corp. Plc A C A
TSS Total System Services, Inc. A B A
TWTR Twitter, Inc. A C A
VEEV Veeva Systems Inc A B A
WB Weibo Corp A B A
WUBA 58.com Inc. A C A

Remember, you can always check your stock ratings in Portfolio Grader. When you run your holdings through this screening tool, take note of each stock’s Quantitative Grade (the current level of institutional buying pressure) and each stock’s Fundamental Grade (a weighted blend of eight financial metrics). Also check which of your stocks are rated as Conservative, Moderately Aggressive or Aggressive. Shoot to have 60% of your holdings in Conservative stocks, 30% in Moderately Aggressive and 10% in Aggressive. I can’t stress this last point enough because aggressive stocks will be the first ones to take a beating during a correction.

Until tomorrow,

Louis Navellier

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