Windfall Profits in 12 Months or Less…

Last year, my powerful system flashed an urgent buy signal on the same type of stocks I’m going to tell you about today. And in a matter of months, those stocks soared 59%, 77%, 159% and 182%.

And that’s no fluke.

My system also targeted a major buying opportunity in these stocks in 2013.

As a result, my readers racked up gains like 487% in Vipshop, 209% in BitAuto, 108% in Fang Holdings and 88% in Noah Holdings.

And here’s the most remarkable part of the gains I just shared…

We owned all but one of those stocks for less than one year.

Imagine what racking up 487%, 209%, 108%, 88% profits in less than one year can do to your nest egg.

That 88% profit would have turned $10,000 into $18,800.

That 108% profit doubled your money, turning $10,000 into $20,800.

That 209% profit tripled your money, turning $10,000 into $30,900.

A 487% profit turns $10,000 into $48,700 in short order.

Had you invested $100,000 among all four of those winners, you would have a cool $1.1 million to show for it.

That’s $100,000 into $1.1 million in just one year. From four stocks.

Those are once-in-a lifetime profits…

The kind of profits that let you retire a few years early…buy a bigger boat…take that round the world trip…or put the kids or grandkids through college debt free.

The kind of profits that give your family true financial security.

Close your eyes and imagine for a minute how it would feel to tell your husband or wife that you turned your $100,000 nest egg into an incredible $1 million windfall in just one year!

Amazing, right?

And today, my system has triggered a new buy alert for the same type of stocks that handed us those massive gains I just told you about.

I’m talking about Chinese stocks. And today, I’m very specifically talking about Chinese technology stocks.

Before I give you all the details on my top five stocks to buy now, let me tell you why it’s urgent that you act on the information in this briefing immediately…

You Must Act BEFORE
These Stocks Report Earnings

To take full advantage of this time-sensitive opportunity, you must act on this information in this briefing before these stocks report earnings.

Each of these stocks is about to report blockbuster earnings in the next few weeks.

And announcing mind-blowing earnings and sales growth is like rocket fuel for these stocks.

After reporting better than expected earnings, fast food giant YUM China Holdings soared 25% in one month.

Chinese Internet portal Sina rocketed 18% when it announced earnings.

Chinese Internet giant Tencent popped 18% in a month.

Auto parts supplier China Automotive Systems up 15% in one week.

Social network RenRen soared 16% in just two days.

Online auto site BitAuto climbed 26% in one month.

Guess what happens when stocks make massive moves like this? Wall Street starts to pay attention.

And when Wall Street pays attention, more analysts start to cover these stocks.

And that coverage leads more talking heads to mention them on TV.

And then the herd mentality that drives Wall Street kicks in and no one wants to miss out and money starts to flow into these stocks.

And that in turn sends share prices even higher.

We’ve seen it happen time and time again as we’ve racked up loads of other China stock winners like:

  • …108% Profit in SouFun
  • …68% in China Distance Education
  • …60% in Huaneng Power International
  • …53% in Vimicro International Corp.
  • …46% in China Biologic Products
  • …44% in Qihoo 360 Technology
  • …43% in Bitauto

And that’s what’s about to happen as the new Chinese stocks I want to tell you about start announcing earnings this week.

Don’t worry, I’m going to give you access to everything you need to get on board quickly with my top picks, including detailed instructions on when to buy and at what price.

Profit from The Fastest Growing
Market on the Planet

The stocks I’m going to tell you about today are plays on the same absolutely explosive Chinese trend as some of our biggest winners last year—the Internet.

China is undergoing the same massive transition today that the U.S. went through during the Internet boom of the late 1990’s.

China’s internet population just passed 730 million. That’s about equal to the entire population of Europe, and double the entire population of the U.S.

But Internet penetration as a percentage of population is still low compared to other developing countries.

Only half of China’s 1.3 billion citizens have internet access. By comparison, 88.5% of the U.S. population does.

But that is changing quickly. An astounding 43 million new Chinese internet users got online in 2016.

So this already massive market still has huge user growth ahead as internet adoption and access continue to explode.

And the 730 million users who do use the Internet are doing more and more online every day.

Job hunting, buying a car, booking travel reservations, finding a date…all facets of everyday life and commerce are transitioning online in China just like they did here during the Internet revolution.

168 million Chinese used a car-hailing app in 2017.

Online grocery shopping is expected to more than double in the next 3 years.

469 million people used a “mobile wallet” to pay for things online in 2017—rocketing 31% in just one year.

China’s biggest shopping day—called the 11.11 Shopping Festival—is FOUR times bigger in sales than Black Friday.

These are breathtaking numbers. The select China stocks we’re buying now are at the are at the nexus of it all, including:

  • A company that got its start as a Chinese search engine, but quickly branched out. More than 300 million users make tens of billions of search queries using this site every day, but the company is moving aggressively to expand beyond “just” search into the hottest trends in technology, including cloud and data services, artificial intelligence, self-driving cars, online restaurant delivery, mobile payments, facial recognition and more.
  • The “Amazon of China.” This company added 45 MILLION customers in the first 9 months of last year. Those are stunning numbers Amazon can only dream about. The stock has doubled in the last three years. And I expect it can double again since it’s delivering blockbuster 50%+ revenue growth annually.
  • In the third quarter of 2017 it racked up the fastest year-over-year growth rate—an incredible 63%—since its IPO, and I’m expecting another blowout when they report for the fourth quarter in just a couple of weeks. Get on board before they do!
  • The little-known company at the forefront of China’s burgeoning used car market. The company has been growing like gangbusters, with revenue growing at an average rate of 38% over the last four quarters.

I’ll give you the names of all five Chinese tech stocks I’m buying now, share my complete analysis and give you my recommended buy price in my brand new special report, 5 Red-Hot Chinese Tech Stocks to Buy Now. It’s yours free when you accept a no-risk trial to Ultimate Growth.

You can’t buy this special report anywhere at any price, but this private link will let you download your copy. It’s yours free when you accept a risk free trial to my Ultimate Growth advisory service.


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