My 5 Favorite Dividend Stocks for 2018

The stock market roared back last week, as individual and institutional investors returned from their holiday vacations. With the Dow breaking through the 25,000 level for the first time ever, it was clear trading volume increased and stocks benefited from persistent pension inflows. So, right now is a great moment to make sure you’re kicking off this year from a position of strength. In today’s blog, I’ll reveal to you the names and ticker symbols of my five favorite dividend growth stocks to capitalize on this momentum right now.

But what exactly is a “dividend growth” stock? Well, it’s precisely what it says it is, it’s a stock with an A-rating in BOTH my Portfolio Grader and my Dividend Grader tools. The advantage of stocks like these is they can outpace inflation while increasing dividend payments over time. Plus, you don’t have to sacrifice capital loss to chase yield. That means you can stop worrying about the security of your income stream while simultaneously beating the market!

I urge you to take a look at the five AA-rated dividend stocks I’ve picked for you right now below:

My 5 Favorite Dividend Stocks for Right Now
Symbol Company Name Yield Dividend Grader
Portfolio Grader
BA Boeing Company 2.1% A A
CAT Caterpillar Inc. 1.9% A A
LMT Lockheed Martin Corporation 2.4% A A
TXN Texas Instruments Incorporated 2.3% A A
VLO Valero Energy Corporation 3.0% A A

Now, as you can see each of the stocks have an A-rating in both Portfolio Grader and Dividend Grader. But I wouldn’t recommend purchasing any of them without knowing my exclusive Buy Below price, only available in Dividend Growth. Because as we both know, the stock market can shift on a dime. So, if you really want to be prepared to profit off of everything the market has to offer, I urge you to take a closer look at my Dividend Growth service today.

Dividend Growth gathers all the world’s best AA-rated stocks into one easy-to-read format. By combing through the A-rated growth stocks in my Portfolio Grader system and cross-referencing them with the A-rated dividend stocks from Dividend Grader, my Dividend Growth members receive the absolute cream-of-the-investing-crop.

And best of all, Dividend Growth provides individual investors like you with the names and ticker symbols of ALL my favorite dividend-paying stocks. That’s right. Dividend Growth members don’t have to do any more research whatsoever. I do all the work for them!

But if you aren’t ready to join Dividend Growth today, I urge you to stay tuned into this blog where I’ll continue revealing actionable investing insights in the weeks and months to come.


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