How to Head Into This Seasonally Strong Time of Year

There are several buying opportunities in the final months of the year. The first opportunity is right before the end of the third quarter, and the second is ahead of the third-quarter earnings announcement season. Well, now we’re facing the third (and final) buying opportunity of the year. In today’s blog, I’ll reveal how I believe you should approach this opportunity…

The holiday season is quickly approaching. Thanksgiving is less than two weeks away. And heading into the Thanksgiving holiday, consumer sentiment tends to improve, as we gather with family and friends for food and football. This positive mood often spreads from Main Street to Wall Street, driving the stock market higher in the days leading up to Thanksgiving.

That means we’re facing a great buying opportunity right now. Considering the broader indices took a bit of a breather last week and consumer sentiment is rising, the week before Thanksgiving remains one of the best and safest times to invest.

I always recommend that you head into the Thanksgiving holiday fully invested. That’s because the seasonally strong time of year really takes off between Thanksgiving and the New Year—and you don’t want to miss a single move higher. So take advantage of dips in your favorite A- and B-rated Portfolio Grader positions right now, and get ready for an impressive finish to the year.

This is an especially strong time of year for small- and mid-cap stocks. Yearend pension funding, annual gift giving and other positive seasonal events can create an early "January effect," which benefits small- and mid-cap stocks like the ones on my Emerging Growth Buy List.

Thanks in part to better-than-expected earnings results, Emerging Growth  walloped the S&P 500’s performance last week. In fact, our Buy List was up 1%, on average, vs. the S&P 500’s 0.3% decline. And this outperformance is just the beginning…

I urge you to stay tuned into this blog over the next few weeks. I’ll continue revealing prime investing strategies for this seasonally strong time of year.


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