One Company Producing the "Magic Metal" Tesla Needs

The company creating this “magic metal” could be Elon Musk’s second favorite company. That’s not only because you’ll find its products in all his Teslas. It’s also because—with 285% gains over the past 12 month—it’s outperforming Tesla’s stock by more than $3-to-$1. In today’s blog, you can discover how to grab shares of this company before its next dramatic jump…

Now, most investors don’t know this, but the “magic metal” I’m talking about today is in virtually everything you touch—from food colorings to paints, from plastics to adhesives and from cosmetics to paper. It’s even in sunscreen… and Teslas, too!

You see, this magic metal possesses unique properties that not only make paints whiter and keep plastics from cracking but also protect both your skin and your car’s paint from sun damage. It’s even used in the manufacturing of lightweight aerospace and car parts.

That’s why it’s called the “magic metal”—because there’s nothing on the planet like it and no substitute for it. That’s what makes it such a mammoth moneymaker, too. And today, demand for this magic metal is exploding within the auto industry. That’s because it offers automakers a lightweight alternative to glass and metal-based parts, and also because of the UV protection it adds to the paint.

In fact, with auto analysts forecasting 800 million more vehicles on the road by 2050, it’s no wonder why analysts project demand for this magic metal to triple in the next eight years and skyrocket from there.

That’s because every single one of those cars will be painted with a coating that contains it. So, we’re already seeing the magic metal’s price take off—up 10% year to date.

This demand has sent one manufacturer’s stock price soaring as well, up 111% since January 1—outperforming the indexes better than $14-to-$1. And if the price of this magic metal continues to grow at this rate, we could see this company’s stock price double every 12 months for the next eight years.

In fact, seven top analysts who follow this company have revised their earnings estimates upward not only for 2017 but also for 2018—thanks to 172% year-over-year earnings growth.

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