Prepare For the Dividend Rush With These 48 Stocks

In this low interest rate environment, dividends are still looking great. After all, the S&P 500 currently yields about 2%, and that is a heck of a lot better than you can get through most savings accounts (and even Treasuries). On top of this, dividends do two important things:

  1. First, a generous dividend payment often lowers a stock’s volatility. I’d much rather own a stock that’s stable rather than one that scatters all over the place.
  2. They also tell me how much money a company really has. If the company is willing to part with cash in the form of a dividend payment, then I know they really earned it.

But you still have to do your homework and screen dividend stocks for fundamental health. Stock selection remains critical with dividend stocks, because if you choose them correctly, you can make a fortune both as your invested capital appreciates over the years—and as the quarterly dividend grows.

And now is the perfect time to do so because we’re coming up on a bunch of ex-dividend dates over the next few weeks. I’ve listed the big dividends below. In order, they’re listed by Dividend Grader and Portfolio Grader ratings: A (dark green), B (light green), C (yellow), D (orange) and F (dark red). The first table features thirty stocks that rank highly in Dividend Grader and Portfolio Grader, the second table lists seven stocks to hold, and the third table lists 11 stocks to sell right away.

Dividend and Growth Double-Whammy Stocks
Ticker Company Name Dividend Yield Ex-Dividend Date Dividend Grader Score Portfolio Grader Score
ALV Autoliv Inc. 2.0% 5/16/2016 B B
ARI Apollo Commercial Real Estate Finance 10.9% 3/29/2016 B B
AXS Axis Capital Holdings Limited 2.2% 3/29/2016 B B
BXMT Blackstone Mortgage Trust Inc. 8.4% 3/29/2016 B B
CBRL Cracker Barrel Old Country Store Inc. 2.8% 4/13/2016 A B
COR CoreSite Realty Corp. 2.6% 3/29/2016 B A
CSC Computer Sciences Corp. 2.6% 4/01/2016 A B
CSCO Cisco Systems Inc. 3.0% 4/04/2016 A B
CUBE CubeSmart 2.1% 3/30/2016 B A
DOW Dow Chemical Company 3.3% 3/29/2016 A A
FL Foot Locker Inc. 1.5% 4/13/2016 B B
FR First Industrial Realty Trust Inc. 2.3% 3/29/2016 B B
GD General Dynamics Corp. 2.0% 4/06/2016 A B
GGG Graco Inc. 1.5% 4/14/2016 B A
GIS General Mills Inc. 2.9% 4/07/2016 A A
INTU Intuit Inc. 1.1% 4/07/2016 A B
ITW Illinois Tool Works Inc. 2.0% 3/29/2016 B B
JPM JPMorgan Chase & Co. 2.8% 4/04/2016 A B
KR Kroger Co. 1.1% 5/11/2016 A B
KWR Quaker Chemical Corp. 1.5% 4/13/2016 B B
LII Lennox International Inc. 1.0% 3/29/2016 B A
MDLZ Mondelez International Inc. 1.6% 3/29/2016 A B
MMC Marsh & McLennan Companies Inc. 2.0% 4/06/2016 A B
MSFT Microsoft Corp. 2.5% 5/17/2016 B A
MTN Vail Resorts Inc. 2.0% 3/24/2016 B A
RSG Republic Services Inc. 2.4% 3/30/2016 B A
SWX Southwest Gas Corp. 2.5% 5/12/2016 B B
TGT Target Corp. 2.7% 5/16/2016 A B
VZ Verizon Communications Inc. 4.2% 4/06/2016 B A
YUM Yum! Brands Inc. 2.2% 4/13/2016 A B
Hold These Stocks
Ticker Company Name Dividend Yield Ex-Dividend Date Dividend Grader Score Portfolio Grader Score
AMAT Applied Materials Inc. 2.0% 5/24/2016 C C
APD Air Products and Chemicals Inc. 2.3% 3/30/2016 C C
LECO Lincoln Electric Holdings Inc. 2.0% 3/29/2016 C C
OFC Corporate Office Properties Trust 4.3% 3/29/2016 C C
RHP Ryman Hospitality Properties Inc. 5.1% 3/29/2016 C C
UMPQ Umpqua Holdings Corp. 3.9% 3/29/2016 C C
USB U.S. Bancorp 2.4% 3/29/2016 C C
Sell These Stocks
Ticker Company Name Dividend Yield Ex-Dividend Date Dividend Grader Score Portfolio Grader Score
APA Apache Corp. 2.0% 4/20/2016 F D
BDN Brandywine Realty Trust 4.5% 3/31/2016 F D
BEN Franklin Resources Inc. 1.6% 3/29/2016 F D
CBL CBL & Associates Properties Inc. 8.9% 3/28/2016 F F
CPG Crescent Point Energy Corp. 11.3% 3/29/2016 F D
DVN Devon Energy Corp. 3.5% 6/13/2016 F F
IVR Invesco Mortgage Capital Inc. 13.6% 3/23/2016 F D
KRC Kilroy Realty Corp. 2.3% 3/29/2016 F D
PNR Pentair plc 2.4% 4/20/2016 F D
STAG STAG Industrial Inc. 7.0% 3/29/2016 F D
TRP TransCanada Corp. 4.2% 3/29/2016 F D

As you can see, there are plenty of promising dividend stocks to buy, but there are also many pitfalls here. As always, you should continue running your holdings through both Portfolio Grader and Dividend Grader to make sure that you’re only holding top-rated stocks.


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