A Special Podcast on February Volatility

With the Dow down over 300 points as I write this, I’ve recorded a special podcast to brief you on what is weighing on the market today. Unstable European banks and falling oil prices have Wall Street climbing a wall of worry, but the last thing I recommend is to follow the crowd. In this special podcast, I’ll navigate you around the problem areas in the market, and bring your attention to the stocks that are consistently bucking the trend over the long run.

The bottom line is that there is plenty of bargain hunting going on right now. The way to profit from this is by buying the stocks that are real bargains at current prices. If you do this, rather than reacting to the manic movements of the stock market right now, this will put you in a much better position one month, three months or six months down the road. I know a bargain when I see it, so I’ll identify a few big names that are excellent buys right now.

So if you’re feeling anxious about the market’s current volatility, I urge you to listen to this special podcast. And if you encounter any technical issues in playing the recording, please contact my customer service team here, and they’d be happy to get you squared away.

Click on the link below to listen to the podcast.

A special podcast from Louis Navellier


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