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Fellow Investor,

I’ve been in this business a long time, so it takes a lot to shock me. But I was honestly blown away when I got the results of my 1Q stock ratings.

A truly SHOCKING number of big-name stocks got D and F “sell now” ratings in the brand-new report I’m releasing today.

These are some of the most widely held stocks in America and millions of investors are at risk.

It’s urgent that you check out the full list of all 250 stocks to sell now and protect yourself immediately.

When you do you’ll see that nearly ONE-THIRD of the stocks in the Dow Jones Industrial Average are now rated D or F by my proven ratings tool.

These are mega-cap blue chip stocks. I’m talking about big-name stocks like Apple… Caterpillar…Coca-Cola…Disney… General Electric…JPMorgan…Johnson & Johnson… Merck…Procter & Gamble… Verizon…Wal-Mart and more.

And EIGHT of them just got my D or F “sell now” rating.

In a moment, I’m going to tell you how to get access to the complete list so you can clear them out of your portfolio today!

Act Now to Protect Yourself from Big Losses Ahead

But this is about much more than just the Dow 30 stocks. The 250 worst stocks for the first quarter includes dozens upon dozens of other popular stocks that are now D and F rated including:

10 big-name hotels & restaurants

8 tech stalwarts

10 popular retailers

16 machinery stocks

8 media titans

4 consumer financials

5 banks

8 utilities

2 insurance giants

11 telecom stocks

PLUS well-known rail, road, travel, biotech, food, energy stocks and MORE!

I can virtually guarantee that you own at least one—if not a handful—of the 250 stocks on my stocks to sell list.

That’s why it is critical that you get my First Quarter Ratings Guide—The 250 Best and 250 Worst Stocks today and dump these stocks now.

Investors who heeded my advice and sold the D- and F-rated stocks in my fourth quarter Ratings Guide avoided serious losses over the last few months.

Here are just a few examples of how those “sell” rated stocks plunged in just the 3 months after making my list:

Targa Resources down 48%

Polaris Industries down 29%

Kinder Morgan down 44%

Statoil down 21%

Williams Companies down 39%

Union Pacific down 12%

Macy’s down 31%

Seagate down 21%

In all, the stocks on my 250 worst stocks for the fourth quarter plunged as much as 46% in just three months!

My 250 best stocks for the fourth quarter were a much different story. You see, my First Quarter Ratings Guide doesn’t just warn you about dangerous stocks that earned my worst rating. It also brings you the 250 best stocks for the first quarter.

Despite the volatile fall and early winter, many of our top-rated stocks delivered double-digit gains in the fourth quarter. In just 90 days, they racked up market stomping gains like:

  • China Biologic Products, up 47%
  • Activision Blizzard, up 26%
  • Ligand Pharmaceuticals, up 25%
  • Tyson Foods, up 24%
  • Kroger, up 16%
  • Avago Technologies, up 16%
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb, up 15%

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And I expect more of the same from the 250 select stocks that earned a spot on my list of the best stocks for the first quarter. Get their names and my full page analysis on each instantly when you claim your copy of my First Quarter Ratings Guide now.

Don’t Buy or Sell Another Stock Until You Read This

In today’s volatile market, it’s critical that you own only the very best stocks. Get my First Quarter Ratings Guide and give your portfolio a complete check up for about the cost of a movie ticket.

My quarterly Ratings Guide normally costs $79, but these results are so far-reaching that I want to make it a complete no-brainer for you to get your copy today.

So I’ve decided to slash the price and give you a huge 83% discount for the next 5 days only.

That means that you can get this in-depth 500-page report for just $13.

That’s a VERY small price to pay for the peace of mind that you don’t own one of the 250 stocks on my “sell now” list…

A very small price to make sure you don’t get caught holding the bag in the biggest losers in the months ahead…

A very small price to pay to get the names and my analysis of the 250 best stocks for the first quarter.

I urge you to get your copy now and learn which stocks could make or break your portfolio in the months ahead.

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Louis Navellier

Navellier Growth

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