My Top Three Stocks to Ring in 2016

With only two more days in 2015, I’ve been thinking a lot about the companies (and stocks) that will have the biggest impact on us as we start 2016. I keep coming back to three–one to toast the New Year, one to turn resolutions into reality and one to make 2016 one for the books.

Top Stock to Toast the New Year: Constellation Brands

Constellation Brands (STZ) is one of the world’s top wine, beer and spirits companies, and it sells more than 100 brands–most of which are very well-known. If you plan to watch the ball drop with a flute of Cook’s Champagne, you’ll be drinking a Constellation product. The same holds true if you’re partial to Corona beers, Svedka Vodka, Robert Mondavi wines and more.

I see STZ doing good things in the coming months. Last quarter, Constellation’s beer business accounted for 45% of the U.S. beer industry’s total volume growth, and the company is currently in the process of buying Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits. Ballast Point’s sales volume is expected to double this year, which will only add to the success of Constellation. So Constellation Brands should have little trouble meeting its FY 2016 target of bottom-line growth in the mid- to upper-teens.

Top Stock to Turn Your Resolutions into Reality: Nike

Nike Inc. (NKE) is the world’s leading supplier of athletic shoes and clothing, and if your resolution involves going to the gym, you’re pretty much guaranteed to see at least one person with the iconic “swoosh” on their gear. You may have it on your gear too! Outside of the gym, Nike has a wide presence, as it also has contracts with the U.S Women’s soccer team, the NFL, Manchester United and the University of Michigan, among others.

Nike recently reported that its shoes and clothes continue to be in hot demand in North America, and their futures orders through April 2016 are currently 15% higher than a year ago. This puts Nike on the right footing to start 2016. Analysts expect Nike to post 7.1% sales growth and 16.2% earnings growth for fiscal year 2016.

Top Stock to Make 2016 One for the Books: JetBlue Airlines

JetBlue (JBLU) is an increasingly popular airline for budget-conscious travelers, and since the majority of the airline’s flights are domestic, it isn’t negatively impacted by the stronger dollar. If you’re planning to take a trip this year, it’s very possible JetBlue will be one of your top airlines to consider. It offers in-flight entertainment and data connectivity services on flights, and it recently implemented Mint, a new premium service that is making its flights more appealing to luxury travelers, too.

JetBlue reported strong numbers throughout 2015, including Q3 earnings that were more than double compared with Q3 2014. Analysts expect the trend to continue into 2016. Currently, JBLU is projected to report 8.7% sales growth and 19.2% earnings growth in 2016.

These three stocks can help you ring in the New Year right—both in your personal life and in your investing life. I currently recommend all three of them in my Blue Chip Growth newsletter—if you’d like to learn more about other prime opportunities like these, click here for a risk-free trial.

From all of us here at Navellier Growth, I hope you have a very happy New Year.


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