Buy Alert: How to Play the Oil Sweet Spot

Fellow Investor,

Louis Navellier here, and if you’ve been investing for as long as I have, then you know that there is no such thing as a risk-free investment.

Truth is, every company—from Apple to Google and everyone in between—has numerous risks built into them that could send their stocks spiraling south.

Yet, today, I want to tell you about an oil play that is the closest thing to a no-risk bet I’ve ever seen and suggest you add it to your holdings before the rest of Wall Street catches on.

So what makes this a low-risk oil play?

Simple: This little-known oil shipping company is making money hand over fist from both falling oil prices and the oversupplied oil market.

How can this be?

Because the falling price of oil has encouraged countries like China to take advantage of the low price of oil to stockpile crude for future use. The result has increased the demand for this company’s long-haul oil tankers. Not just for shipping oil, mind you, but for storing it as well.

Fact is, with the world awash in oil and not enough places to store it, tankers have become floating storage for energy companies and traders that hope to profit from higher oil prices in the months ahead. This is why shipping rates have exploded 43% year-over-year while commanding as much as $90,000 a day!

So it’s no wonder the company reported that earnings surged to $0.35 earnings per share in the last quarter (up from a $0.19 per share loss last year) and why analysts expect it to deliver 2,900% earnings growth next quarter and 4,900% earnings growth in the fourth quarter.

The bottom line here is this: There simply aren’t enough crude oil tankers around to both store and ship all the oil that is being pumped out of the ground.

With Iran expected to flood the market with millions of barrels of oil when sanctions are lifted, we see our oil tanker company’s fortunes continuing to grow. I’m not the only one who sees a continued rocket ride for this tanker play.

Twenty of the world’s shrewdest institutional and mutual fund holders see a monster windfall here as well, together owning more than 20 million shares valued at more than $300 million.
They’ve backed up the truck on this company’s shares for one simple reason:

The company is reaping its biggest profits in years as the oil slump not only drives down its costs but also increases its profits as demand for oil shipping and oil storage skyrockets.

For these reasons, if you can add our tanker play to your holdings before it declares earnings November 9—and before we expect the pension funds to pile in—you could easily grab its next 50% gain by the end of the year.

Unfortunately, most investors will miss this.

But you won’t, when you join me here at Emerging Growth.

Let Me Give You a Taste of What I’m Talking About Here

The company has…

  • Registered 1,167% year-over-year sales growth in the second quarter
  • Forecasted 2,900% earnings growth and 66.4% annual sales growth in the third quarter
  • A forward P/E ratio of—get this—just 14, and that’s after the stock made 118% gains in 12 months
  • A market cap of under $2 billion
  • One of the strongest buy ratings of any of our stocks
  • Analysts are forecasting another 4,100% earnings growth for the fourth quarter

Throw in the fact that the company pays a whopping 9.5% dividend and you can see why I’m convinced this is one play that you can take to the bank.

Unfortunately, I Can’t Tell You More or Give You This Company’s Name Here!

You’ll find it only on my private website as an exclusive for my subscribers of record. Two reasons:

  • Hedge funds and the media follow me too closely.
  • Naming it in this email could make it impossible for you to get it at the buy-below price.

So while I can’t tell you more about this now, I can tell you this: The profits for our tanker play will be enormous.

In fact, given the company’s forecasted 2,900% earnings growth and 112% 24-month run-up, and 40% rise in the last 5 months, I’d be disappointed if the company didn’t jump another 50% in the coming months.

For these reasons, if you don’t grab this one now, you’re going to kick yourself for years.

Load Up Today—Retire Tomorrow

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But you’ll need to hurry.

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