Dump These Big-Name Stocks ASAP

Fellow Investor,

I’m writing today to share some shocking news about stocks you probably own.

I don’t mean to alarm you, but I do hope you will give this your immediate attention because the next few weeks could make or break your portfolio for the rest of 2015.

That’s why I want to get my research into your hands right away before earnings season kicks off in earnest.

You see, I just completed my full analysis of more than 5,000 stocks. I put each one through a rigorous test using my proprietary ratings system. The end result is an A (strong buy) through F (strong sell) letter grade for each stock.

And I came to a shocking realization:

More big name, blue chip and widely-held stocks earned D- and F- ratings than I can ever remember.

The list of stocks to sell immediately includes:

  • TEN of the 30 Dow stocks — that’s right, a third of the Dow index stocks got a failing grade! The Dow 30 are the bluest of the blue chips—stocks like Apple, Wal-Mart, GE, Disney, Pfizer, Verizon. And 10 of these titans just made my list of stocks to SELL NOW.
  • 12 Wall Street darlings that are about to turn into dogs. These are some of the hottest stocks of the last year…well-known and widely held Internet, technology and retail stocks that are set to take a serious tumble.
  • PLUS 9 popular retail stocks, 14 tech giants, 26 financial stocks—from banks to lenders to credit card companies—10 telecoms, 12 industrial titans and many, many more!

In all, I’ve identified the 250 worst stocks for the fourth quarter that you should avoid at all costs.

And I can virtually guarantee that you own at least one—if not a several handfuls—of the 250 stocks on my stocks to sell list.

LAST CHANCE! CLICK HERE to get your FREE report NOW!It’s absolutely critical that you review your current portfolio right now and make sure you don’t own any of these D and F rated stocks.

You can get the full list plus my complete analysis of each stock in my just-released Portfolio Grader Fourth Quarter Ratings Guide—The 250 Best and 250 Worst Stocks.

I’ve just posted this critical research report and I urge you check out the full list of all 250 stocks to sell now and protect yourself before it’s too late.

You can get instant access to the full report for the next few hours at a huge 83% discount off the normal cost. But I must hear from you before midnight tonight. Click here to get your copy now.

JUST RELEASED: The Top Stocks for the Rest of 2015 (Guaranteed to Surprise You!)

But I don’t want you to think the news is all bad. While I expect hundreds of weak stocks to get hammered in the next few months, my analysis also uncovered some stellar stocks that you should know about.

So in addition to the 250 worst stocks, I’ve identified the 250 best stocks for the fourth quarter.

These select stocks earned my highest ratings and are the best places for your money now.

In this market turmoil, Wall Street and Main Street investors are flocking to high-quality stocks that can deliver superior growth and real earnings, and these stocks fit the bill.

And when earnings season kicks off, these stocks could take off on positive earnings news. But you must act now to make sure you profit from these A-rated stocks in the weeks ahead.

My Fourth Quarter Ratings Guide gives you a full page of my in-depth analysis, ratings and data on each of these 250 best stocks—all the information you need to make a smart decision and sleep well knowing you own rock solid stocks that can beat the market.

That was certainly the case in the third quarter when—despite a big market pullback—many of our top stocks delivered double-digit gains in just three months.

The stocks on my 3Q buy list racked up impressive 90 day gains like 30% in JetBlue, 24% in Alaska Air, 19% in Chipotle, 14% in Reynolds American, 11% in Public Storage and many more!

That’s why it’s critical that you own only the very best stocks in today’s volatile market. Use my list of the 250 best and the 250 worst stocks to make sure your portfolio is safe in today’s volatile market.

You have until midnight tonight to get your copy of my Fourth Quarter Ratings Guide instantly and give your portfolio a complete check-up for about the cost of a movie ticket.



Louis Navellier

Navellier Growth

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