Meet The Apple of Drone Stocks

  • How it’s already handed investors 1,679% gains in five years
  • Why it’s set to deliver another quarter of breakout earnings growth
  • Why now is the perfect time to own it before the FAA approves the delivery of products in the U.S. and its stock price doubles investors money again

Fellow Investor,

Louis Navellier here, and if you’ve enjoyed my actionable advice that I give in this blog each and every day—you’re going love my newest breakout tech play for 2016.

Bloomberg calls drones “The Next Big Thing.” We think of drone technology as a game changer that will soon shake up just about every business, product, industry, and company on the planet—with profit potential comparable to Apple.

That’s why I’m calling this newest recommendation “The Apple of Drone Stocks” and recommend you added this top-rated play to your holdings now—because the profits could make you just as rich.

That’s a big claim, I know.

But not when you understand that virtually every major drone company is installing its high-definition video chips into its drones.

The outcome has already resulted in:

  1. Quarter sales growth of 73%
  2. Quarterly earnings growth of 253%
  3. One-year profits of 253%
  4. Two-year profits of 563%
  5. Five-year profits of 1,679%

This is just the beginning as analysts estimate the company’s sales will jump from $6 million this year to $50 million in 2017 as the market explodes.

Here’s the full story, and why now is the time to grab it—before the FAA ultimately approves drone delivery of products in the U.S. and its stock price surges again.


Louis Navellier

Louis Navellier

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