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Given the current market environment, it’s easy to panic and jump ship. It has been a brutal few weeks in the market and many investors are taking the cue to cash out. But it’s important to note that even in the most volatile markets, there are still profit making opportunities in proven sectors.

That’s why I want to make sure you walk away with some actionable investment advice you can put to use today. The healthcare sector has been booming and despite the recent market downturn, stocks are still holding up very well. That’s why I’d like to provide with three of my best Navellier Family Trust stock picks from this soaring sector.

Don’t forget, the three names I’m about to share with you are active positions I’m currently recommending to my high-net-worth clients and to subscribers of my top-rated investment advisory services.

First up we have Anthem (ANTM). ANTM is an industry leader that provides health insurance to nearly 69 million customers – nearly one in nine Americans. Ranging from traditional PPO and HMO insurance plans to dental, vision, life, and even disability insurance. Not incidentally, the $40 billion company pays you a solid 1.7% annual dividend every year you invest. But I want you to buy it for the long-term capital appreciation potential.

Shares up more than 75% over the past two years and nearly 200% over the past five years and combined with a track record of shareholder friendly management, a consistent and growing dividend yield, and a solid $40 billion market cap that offers ballast in rocky markets – is a big reason why the stock is a core holding in my Navellier Family Trust portfolio.

The second opportunity I want you to consider is even bigger in terms of market capitalization, yet nobody would call it “stodgy.” In fact, it is a market leader in an important, fast-moving industry that many consider too “risky” for conservative long-term investors. Frankly, that’s their loss; because mega-cap biopharmaceutical developer Gilead Sciences, Inc. (GILD) has already attained near legendary status among biotech and big pharma investors. If you’re not familiar with the name, Gilead discovers, develops, and commercializes some of the most widely prescribed and highest-margin drugs in North America, South America, Europe and the Asia-Pacific region.

The aging of the developed world’s population, an increase in global travel, the resurgence of once-dormant diseases, and the likelihood of future mass migrations and dislocations will undoubtedly drive demand for the specialized compounds Gilead has demonstrated a unique capacity to develop and commercialize. Which is why, even if you’ve never considered investing in a “biotech” company, I implore you to take a position in market leader Gilead Sciences.

The third and final healthcare company I want you to consider today also needs little introduction. You probably best know CVS Health Corp. (CVS) as the company behind the more than 7,000 CVS pharmacies and Longs Drug stores scattered across nearly every city and town in the U.S. Each CVS location is stocked with high-margin prescription and over-the-counter drugs, beauty products, seasonal merchandise, greeting cards and a limited selection of convenience foods. Yet street corner retail is just one of CVS Health’s four main businesses.

A second subsidiary, CVS Caremark offers pharmacy benefit management (PBM) services. Including mail service pharmacy management, prescription drug plan design, and Medicare Part D services – serving employers, health insurance companies, unions, and government employee groups, among others. CVS MinuteClinic, meanwhile, is the country’s leading retail medical clinic provider, with more than 900 locations across 29 states. Finally, there’s the company’s specialty pharmacy division that offers services for patients with rare or complex conditions.

Put it together and CVS Health has a lot going for it. All of which makes me extremely bullish on the company’s long-term sales and earnings trajectory. Looking ahead to the next quarter, analysts expect earnings of $1.30 per share for 13% growth over the previous year. Looking ahead to FY 2015, the company narrowed its adjusted earnings forecast to a range of $5.11 to $5.18 per share. Previously, CVS Health Corp. was targeting earnings between $5.08 and $5.19 per share.

Of course, there’s more I could tell you…In fact, I could go on and on about the reasons I’m convinced you can buy all three of the stocks we just discussed with total confidence today. Including the specific reasons why they independently triggered the attention of my highly regarded earnings quality and stock-selection model. Plus why my analyst team and I made them top recommendations in my investment advisory services— and why personally selected them as core holdings in my Navellier Family Trust portfolio.

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