Making Money with Charles Payne

Charles Payne from Fox Business invited me to appear on his “Making Money” show, and it was a pleasure to discuss market forces and top stock picks with him and several other financial experts. I will actually be making a reappearance on “Making Money” tonight at 6:00 PM EST, but if you’d like to catch up on last night’s discussions, here’s some of what we covered.

First, Charles posed the question of why many Americans are investing overseas, and whether the American economy is still truly #1 in the world. Right around the 2:10 mark, I offer my thoughts on the pros and cons of international investing, and what investors should watch out for in increasing their international exposure:

Second, we discuss how investors can protect their hard-earned money during sell-offs, a question that is becoming all the more relevant in the current market environment.  I speak up around 0:55 and offer some of my predictions for the first-quarter earnings season:

Next, the show takes a different turn by discussing the Beanie Baby bubble, and unconventional investing alternatives. I give my take on this around 1:45:

Finally, Charles fields a few questions from the show’s viewers, including questions about a particular retail stock (I weigh in around 1:20) and promising stocks in the eye care industry:

This is just a taste of what last night’s show was like, so if you’d like to hear more, be sure to catch me shortly on Charles Payne’s “Making Money” tonight at 6:00 PM EST.


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