My Fox Business Spot with Charles Payne

From time to time, it’s great to hear different perspectives about the market from fellow investor’s in the business. And yesterday, I had the pleasure of being invited on Fox Business’s show, “Making Money with Charles Payne,” where we had a very lively round table discussion about various issues impacting the market.

As you may have noticed the market is having a shaky week with the S&P 500 and Dow ending the day in the red at today’s market close. There are a few economic news events that have investors worried.

The main headline that seems to have Wall Street spooked is the Greek debt deal. Germany rejected the Greek proposal for a six-month extension for its euro-zone loan agreement. In yesterday’s show, with Charles Payne, we discussed the circumstance surrounding the latest fallout with Greece.

We also discussed the downside of having a strong dollar, its adverse impact on multinational companies, and what that means for domestic stocks.

I had a great time discussing all of these topics in-depth with the panel on the show. If you would like to view the whole show and the lively round table you may do so by clicking here.


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