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The New Year is only days away—are you ready? Given the amount of questions I’ve received in recent days, I’m betting many investors are unprepared for 2015. In fact, the number-one question I’ve received recently is: What can I expect in 2015? So if you are wondering the same thing, you can rest assured that you’re not alone. And the good news is that it’s not too late to prepare for the New Year. In fact, the worst thing you could do right now is sit on the sidelines. This bull market is going to charge forward in 2015—and the steps you take right now will determine whether you’re a winner or a loser.

Yes, we’ve hit some stumbling blocks in December, namely falling crude oil prices, a struggling Russian economy, volatile Chinese stocks and a dimming global economic outlook. But there are a few factors set to converge in the New Year that will line the pockets of savvy investors who have the fortitude to take action now. So if you’d like to experience double- and triple-digit gains—and avoid crippling losses—next year, I encourage you to continue reading. Because what I’m about to tell you (and give you access to!) is the first step toward realizing your financial goals in 2015.

How to Prepare for 2015: 5 Predictions

To prepare for next year, you must understand what forces will be at work and how they could impact your investments and strategy. So let’s take a closer look…

Prediction #1: The Fed maintains its 0% interest rate policy.

If you were to listening to the talking heads on Wall Street, you might be inclined to believe that the Fed is set to raise interest rates in 2015. Nothing could be further from the truth. The Fed is on track to maintain its 0% interest rate policy for ALL of 2015. That’s right, ALL of 2015. You see, Fed Chairman Janet Yellen will continue to cite wage growth, temporary jobs and labor force participation as reasons to keep interest rates ultra-low. Plus, the Fed is concerned about deflation, and any interest rate hike would raise the risk of deflation next year.

So interest rates will remain near 0%—and you know what that means: yield-hungry, conservative investors will be looking for an oasis in dividend stocks. What’s interesting is that not all dividend stocks are created equal. In fact, sometimes a high dividend yield could either equal a healthy dividend payment or a big drop in share prices. You simply cannot buy a dividend stock because the yield is enticing. So to help you determine if a dividend stock is a good bet—or a wolf in sheep’s clothing—my first Profit Guide for 2015 focuses on separating the winners from the losers.

2015’s Dividend Divas and Duds reveals 77 top dividend stocks that pack the one-two punch of growth and value. Only stocks with a true 3% dividend yield or higher make it on the list. In addition, this special guide also names 112 dividend stocks to avoid—or sell immediately if you already own them. How can I be certain that these are the best and worst dividend stocks? Because, for the first time ever, I’ve screened these stocks with my Portfolio Grader stock-rating tool and my new Dividend Grader stock-ranking system. Together, these two systems analyzed more than 5,000 stocks to reveal the top dividend stocks for 2015—and to make you aware of the dividend pitfalls. So if you’re a conservative investor ready to put your dividend strategy on the right track in the New Year, you must reserve your copy of 2015’s Dividend Divas and Duds.

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Prediction #2: U.S. dollar remains strong.

While interest rates are near zero—and set to remain that way for all of next year—our interest rates are still higher than the Eurozone and Japan. In fact, the European Central Bank is offering negative rates to its members! As a result, the U.S. dollar has gotten its mojo back. This is great news for currency exchange rates; but bad news for many big multi-international companies. You see, a strong U.S. dollar pinches the profits of big companies like Coca-Cola, IBM and McDonalds that get paid in eroding currencies.

That means these flagship stocks won’t be leading the market higher in 2015. A new leader is set to emerge: small- and mid-cap stocks. In fact, it’s already happening! Since the October lows, small- and mid-cap stocks have been leading the market higher. The Russell 2000 has surged about 11%, while the S&P 500 has only jumped about 9%.

Look for that divergence to grow even bigger in 2015. That means having a small- to mid-cap investment strategy will be vital to your financial success in the New Year. And that’s the reason why my second Profit Guide for 2015 is focused solely on aggressive, high growth stocks. When you’re driving in the “fast lane” with small- and mid-cap stocks, you need to take necessary precautions to ensure a safe and profitable ride, which is exactly what I’ve done in 100 Aggressive High Growth Stocks.

This profit guide reveals 100 aggressive stocks with incredible profit potential. Only stocks with top-of-the-line buying pressure and solid fundamentals make the cut. And you don’t have to just take my word for it: This report provides a comprehensive breakdown of each stock’s key financial and valuation metrics, analyst estimates, industry ranking—and much more! So if you’re ready to kick your portfolio into high gear, I encourage you to claim a copy of 100 Aggressive High Growth Stocks.

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Prediction #3: Trading volume improves in 2015.

Sure, the stock market has continued its trek higher this year (albeit a few setbacks). But it is appreciating on unusually light trading volume. Given the current low interest rate environment, dividend yields and stock buybacks have been driving the overall market higher this year.

But in 2015, this will change. Low interest rates coupled with strong U.S. GDP growth, continuing stock buybacks and improving earnings will force more fixed income investors back into the stock market. So trading volume will pick up, which is good news for Wall Street—but particularly great news for companies that have been overlooked for much of 2014. Large-cap stocks always garner the most headlines. But mid-cap stocks have incredible potential to make you a boatload of money.

That’s why my third Profit Guide, Top Overlooked Stocks for 2015, will unveil 174 stocks with rock-solid fundamentals and top-notch buying pressure—a winning combination for the coming year. And Wall Street has yet to catch on. You know what this means? Once investors sniff out these dynamos, their shares are headed to the sky—and savvy investors like you and me who get on board now stand to capture every tick higher.

Get their names in your copy of Top Overlooked Stocks for 2015.

Prediction #4: Expect more volatility in 2015.

If the past couple months have taught us anything, it’s this: High frequency trading (HFT) systems are out of control. They take advantage of light volume days and crush stocks. It happened in October. Airline and semiconductor stocks took a beating. It’s happening now, as oil and oil-related stocks are taking it on the chin.

And it’s going to continue to happen in 2015. We’ll likely see these HFT systems impact the market at the end of quarterly earnings announcement seasons—February, May, August and November.

I view these dips as great buying opportunities, but I also understand that not all investors have the stomach for the market’s pullbacks. Enter my fourth Profit Guide for 2015: High Growth, Low Volatility Wealth Builders.

If you’re looking for extra stability but don’t want to sacrifice profit potential, then this report is for you. In it, I’ve identified the top 200 stocks with an ideal combination of security and growth. You see, I’m a numbers guy. So I analyzed the monthly standard deviation of more than 5,000 stocks and used it to compile a list of unquestionably “conservative” stocks.

Of course, these 200 stocks also receive top marks in buying pressure and earnings growth. So you can have your cake (high growth) and eat it, too (low volatility)! Learn how to weather the market’s ups and downs with these High Growth, Low Volatility Wealth Builders. Reserve your copy now.

Prediction #5: U.S. economy grows at a 3% annual pace.

Next year is lining up to be a great year for the U.S. economy. First, we’re entering the third year of a Presidential term. Historically, that’s great news for Main Street and Wall Street. In fact, consumer sentiment typically rises in the third and fourth year of a Presidential term, as new candidates tell voters what they want to hear.

Second, low gasoline prices are also helping to boost consumer sentiment—and in turn, consumer spending. With consumer spending accounting for more than half of U.S. GDP growth, the U.S. economy is on track for further strength next year. I’m looking for at least 3% annual GDP growth in 2015.

So when you add it all up—an improving U.S. economy, low interest rates, a strong U.S. dollar and an increase in trading volume—you can bet the party will expand in 2014. Are you ready for it?

The four Profit Guides that I’ve already discussed will help you place your bets on small- and mid-cap stocks, conservative plays and dividend dynamos.

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My 4 New Profit Guides for 2015

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  • Top Overlooked Stocks for 2015—171 mid-cap stocks from dozens of industries and nine different countries; all with a winning combination of strong fundamentals and buying pressure.

Most of the supposed experts would charge an arm and a leg for this type of proprietary stock-picking information. But my life’s mission is to help individual investors like you safely build your wealth, so that’s not about to happen here. Clearly, charging only $1,000 for my 4 New Profit Guides for 2015 would be a bargain… less than $2 per stock report. But given all the opportunity—and pitfalls—headed our way in 2015, I want you fully prepared as soon as the New Year kicks off. So…

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