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Fellow Investor,

Time is running out—so I’ll make this brief.

Earnings season just kicked off with Alcoa’s strong second-quarter report, and the markets quickly resumed their uptrend. But this is just the beginning.

We’re in the midst of the strongest earnings season in years—if not ever! And the reason why is three-fold:

  • A resurgence of economic growth in the U.S.;
  • The highest stock buyback since 2007; and
  • A weak U.S. dollar is creating windfall profits for multinational and commodity-related companies.

Simply put, the markets are gearing up for one heck of a July. And if you want to capture your share of the profits, you must own the right stocks now.

But don’t just take my word for it, consider this:

One of the leading stocks in my Emerging Growth advisory service posted fourth-quarter and fiscal year 2014 results the day after Alcoa. The company reported that revenues jumped 36% in the fourth quarter, and it walloped analysts’ estimates by 52%.

Shares surged nearly 16% in one day!

And get this, this stock wasn’t even in my Top 5 Stocks.

Do you understand what this means?

My Top 5 Stocks have even more explosive potential—and if you get on board right now, before they post second-quarter earnings, you could catch the next double-digit bounce higher.

Let me explain why you cannot afford to miss out…

Top Stock #1

My number-one stock for is directly in line to profit from America’s Energy Boom. And the reason why is simple:

This oilfield technology company has a product that’s invaluable to oil and gas drillers.

In fact, the company’s leading product saves its customers money, manpower and lives. Yes, lives!

OK, first understand this: All oil and gas undergo initial production processes at the drill site, and this requires a burner, which provides heat to ensure the process functions properly.

Without our company’s product, a worker must manually reignite the burner any time it’s extinguished. This requires a fuel-soaked rag that’s tied to a stick. Talk about dangerous!

Not only does our company’s product detect a distinguished flame and reignite it, it also manages temperature, monitors and controls the burner and has emergency shutdowns.

As a result, this company’s products are in hot demand—which is significantly boosting its bottom line.

Sales are projected to surge 104% in full-year 2014, vs. full-year 2013.

Investors are just starting to catch on to this company’s incredible potential, driving shares 38% higher in the second quarter alone.

And if you get in before the company reports earnings, you could capture the next double-digit surge.

Just to show you how convinced I am that this company will be one of the stars of the current earnings season, I’m going to give you its name absolutely FREE right now. That’s right, no strings attached; no obligation to buy.

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Top Stock #2

The energy boom in the U.S. is hot, hot, hot right now—which is why it’s no surprise that my Top Stock #2 is another oil and gas company.

This company saw the shift in America’s energy resources and realigned its business to get in front of the current boom. In fact, back in 2009, this company shifted its primary offshore operations in the Gulf of Mexico to the Permian Basin region in Texas.

The company is now focused on horizontal drilling in the Midland Basin. Operating 100% of their Permian acreage, the company’s laser-like focus has increased proved reserves in the Permian Basin by about 10 million barrels of oil equivalent.

In 2013, the company produced more than 3,500 barrels of oil equivalent per day. That represents a whopping 120% increase over 2012.

But this is nothing compared to what the company will produce this year …

  • Production is expected to increase 135% this year.
  • The company expanded from two fields in 2013 to four fields in 2014.
  • 31 horizontal wells are currently in production.
  • Recently acquired 1,527 net acres in the Southern Midland Basin.
  • More than 50 vertical wells projected to be operational by the end of the year in the Central Midland Basin.

So it’s no wonder that we’re already seeing earnings and sales surge this year.

In the first quarter, this company posted 48% year-over-year increase in sales, while earnings skyrocketed—$0.11 per share compared to $0.00 per share in the same quarter a year ago.

And analysts have completely missed the mark on this money-maker.

The consensus earnings estimate was for $0.05 per share in the first quarter. So the company posted a stunning 120% earnings surprise!

Hoping to not get caught with their pants down again in the second quarter, analysts have been revising their estimates more than 58% higher.

Another earnings surprise is on the horizon, so shares are set to continue their incredible run higher: The stock has climbed 86% in the first six months of 2014 alone—and yet it’s still trading for less than $15 per share.

Get its name and grab the next double-digit profit when you join us at Emerging Growth today.

Top Stock #3

The next company I’m going to tell you about has been on my Top Stock list for months—and for good reason…

It’s a leading Chinese online discount retailer that has successfully target China’s growing middle class.

The Chinese love to shop, and love bargains. But you won’t find them in an off-price retailer like T.J. Maxx, or Ross or even an outlet mall. Instead, they head directly online to seek out discounts on popular brands.

And our company is a top choice for apparel, fashion goods, cosmetics, home goods, lifestyle products, footwear, sporting goods, luxury goods and the like!

In the first quarter, this Chinese retailer posted a nice 31.3% earnings surprise, reporting a 271% surge in adjusted earnings per diluted ADS. Revenues also soared, up 125.9%–thanks to a strong increase in customers and orders.

The second quarter is looking even stronger: The company expects year-over-year growth of 122% to 124.9%.

So it’s no wonder that my Emerging Growth members are already sitting pretty with a FAT 490% profit in just one year!

But this run is far from over. And if you want to capture the next double-digit gain, join us and I’ll send you its name immediately.

Top Stock #4

What’s even bigger priority than bargain shopping for the Chinese? Their kids’ education.

My Top Stock #4 is a leading education company in China that provides tutoring for students in kindergarten through 12th grade at its more than 500 learning and service centers in China’s 15 key cities, including Beijing, Shanghai and Xi’an.

In addition, the company has a leading online education platform.

As a result, the company is growing by leaps and bounds: In fiscal year 2014, total enrollment grew 32% year-over-year, which translates to 38.9% annual revenue growth and 81.2% earnings growth.

Looking ahead to the first quarter, the company expects 40% to 44% sales growth—which is well above the Street’s expectations.

Shares have been on a near straight-up climb in the past two months, rising 41%. Look for shares to produce another double-digit gain when the company posts another solid quarter this month.

Grab your share of the profits—get my Top Stock #4’s name when you join Emerging Growth today.

Top Stock #5

My Top Stock #5 is in the boring business of insurance underwriting—so I won’t bore you with the details.

What’s important to understand: This company is making money hand over first.

In the first quarter, it reported an 83% year-over-year increase in revenues, while earnings surged a stunning 165.5%. The company walloped analysts’ estimates by 48%.

Hoping to not make the same mistake for a second quarter in a row, the analyst community has revised their estimates 24% higher in the past three months. You know what that means… another positive earnings surprise is in the offing.

The company is set to report second-quarter earnings this month, and trust me, you want to get on board before that announcement.

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The Bottom Line

These five stocks are my list of Top Stocks—and I just released them to all of my Emerging Growth members in good standing.

I’m giving you the opportunity to get their names right now for one reason and one reason alone: Their shares are headed to the sky when they wallop earnings estimates again.

And because I’m convinced that you could pick up a double-digit gain in each one, I’m going to give you the name of my Top Stock #1 right now, absolutely FREE.

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After that, I urge you to consider joining us at Emerging Growth to get the names of the other four Top Stocks.

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Louis Navellier
Editor, Emerging Growth

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