22 Stocks to Buy For the Dividend Rush

In this low interest rate environment, dividends are still looking great. After all, the S&P 500 currently yields about 2%, and that is a heck of a lot better than you can get through most savings accounts. On top of this, dividends do two important things:

  1. First, a generous dividend payment lowers a stock’s volatility. I’d much rather own a stock that’s stable rather than one that scatters all over the place.
  2. They also tell me how much money a company really has. If the company is willing to part with cash in the form of a dividend payment, then I know they really earned it.

But you still have to do your homework and screen dividend stocks for fundamental health. Stock selection remains critical with dividend stocks, because if you choose them correctly, you can make a fortune both as your invested capital appreciates over the years—and as the quarterly dividend grows.

And now is the perfect time to do so because we’re coming up on a bunch of ex-dividend dates over the next few weeks. I’ve listed the big dividends below, as well as my current Portfolio Grader ranking for each of these stocks.

Symbol Company Name Ex-Dividend Pay Dividend Yield My Ratings
AAPL Apple Inc. 8-May 15-May $3.29 2.2% Strong Buy
BKW Burger King Worldwide Inc 8-May 27-May $0.07 1.1% Strong Buy
HBI Hanesbrands, Inc. 9-May 3-Jun $0.30 1.5% Strong Buy
HII Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc 28-May 13-Jun $0.20 0.8% Strong Buy
LMT Lockheed Martin 29-May 27-Jun $1.33 3.3% Strong Buy
TSN Tyson Foods 28-May 13-Jun $0.08 0.8% Strong Buy
WYNN Wynn Resorts 13-May 29-May $1.25 2.4% Strong Buy
AA Alcoa 8-May 27-May $0.03 0.9% Buy
ADM Archer Daniels Midland Co. 13-May 5-Jun $0.24 2.2% Buy
COLM Columbia Sportswear 13-May 29-May $0.28 1.3% Buy
DD DuPont 13-May 12-Jun $0.45 2.7% Buy
EXPE Expedia 28-May 19-Jun $0.15 0.9% Buy
FINL Finish Line Inc. 28-May 16-Jun $0.08 1.2% Buy
FSS Federal Signal Corporation 9-May 3-Jun $0.03 0.8% Buy
GLW Corning Inc. 28-May 30-Jun $0.10 1.9% Buy
HOG Harley-Davidson 27-May 13-Jun $0.28 1.5% Buy
LXK Lexmark International Inc. 28-May 13-Jun $0.36 3.4% Buy
MAN ManpowerGroup 29-May 16-Jun $0.49 1.2% Buy
MFC Manulife Financial 9-May 19-Jun $0.13 2.8% Buy
PZZA Papa John’s Int’l, Inc. 8-May 23-May $0.13 1.1% Buy
VLO Valero Energy Corporation 19-May 18-Jun $0.25 1.7% Buy
WAG Walgreen Company 19-May 12-Jun $0.32 1.8% Buy
ABX Barrick Gold 28-May 16-Jun $0.05 1.2% Hold
COG Cabot Oil & Gas 13-May 28-May $0.02 0.2% Hold
COL Rockwell Colins 8-May 2-Jun $0.30 1.5% Hold
DNKN Dunkin Brands 22-May 4-Jun $0.23 2.1% Hold
EFX Equifax 21-May 13-Jun $0.25 1.4% Hold
GSK GlaxoSmithKline PLCADR 14-May 10-Jul $0.64 4.6% Hold
GXP Great Plains Energy 28-May 20-Jun $0.23 3.4% Hold
HON Honeywell 20-May 10-Jun $0.45 2.0% Hold
HSY Hershey Company 21-May 13-Jun $0.49 2.0% Hold
JNJ Johnson & Johnson 22-May 10-Jun $0.70 2.8% Hold
K Kellogg Co. 29-May 16-Jun $0.46 2.8% Hold
LZB La-Z-Boy Incorporated 27-May 10-Jun $0.06 1.0% Hold
MCO Moody’s Corp 16-May 10-Jun $0.28 1.4% Hold
PRGO Perrigo Company 28-May 17-Jun $0.11 0.3% Hold
SON Sonoco Products 14-May 10-Jun $0.32 3.1% Hold
TJX TJX Companies 13-May 5-Jun $0.18 1.2% Hold
TSCO Tractor Supply Company 15-May 3-Jun $0.16 1.0% Hold
UBS UBS AG (USA) 12-May 19-May $0.25 1.2% Hold
XOM Exxon Mobil 9-May 10-Jun $0.69 2.7% Hold
ALJ Alon USA Energy 28-May 16-Jun $0.06 1.5% Sell
ALTR Altera Corp 8-May 2-Jun $0.15 1.9% Sell
AMGN Amgen 13-May 6-Jun $0.61 2.2% Sell
COST Costco 14-May 30-May $0.36 1.3% Sell
CSX CSX Corp 23-May 13-Jun $0.16 2.3% Sell
CVI CVR Energy, Inc. 8-May 19-May $0.75 6.1% Sell
CVX Chevron Corp 15-May 10-Jun $1.07 3.4% Sell
DHI DR Horton 13-May 27-May $0.04 0.7% Sell
EL Estee Lauder 28-May 16-Jun $0.20 1.1% Sell
GG Goldcorp 13-May 23-May $0.05 2.4% Sell
GS Goldman Sachs 28-May 27-Jun $0.55 1.4% Sell
GWW W.W.Grainger 8-May 1-Jun $1.08 1.7% Sell
HSH Hillshire Brands Co. 29-May 8-Jul $0.18 1.9% Sell
MHFI McGraw-Hill Financial 23-May 11-Jun $0.30 1.6% Sell
PAYX Paychex 8-May 23-May $0.35 3.4% Sell
PPG PPG Industries 8-May 12-Jun $0.67 1.4% Sell
RGC Regal Entertainment Group 30-May 13-Jun $0.22 4.8% Sell
SBRA Sabra Health Care REIT Inc. REIT 13-May 30-May $0.38 5.1% Sell
SHW Sherwin Williams 14-May 30-May $0.55 1.1% Sell
SJM The J.M. Smucker Company 14-May 2-Jun $0.58 2.4% Sell
TRI Thomson Reuters 20-May 16-Jun $0.33 3.7% Sell
TSO Tesoro 28-May 13-Jun $0.25 1.8% Sell
TWX Time Warner 28-May 15-Jun $0.32 1.9% Sell
V Visa 14-May 3-Jun $0.40 0.8% Sell
BCO Brinks Co. 12-May 2-Jun $0.10 1.6% Strong Sell
MAT Mattel 21-May 13-Jun $0.38 3.9% Strong Sell
TGT Target 19-May 10-Jun $0.43 3.0% Strong Sell


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