12 Companies Profiting from the Earnings Surge

The earnings season surge Is far from over.
There are 12 companies I have on my radar to post big earnings surprises and even bigger profits in the weeks ahead.
Get their names immediately before Wall Street catches wind.

Dear Investor,

You have 24 hours to secure your position in the 12 companies I’m targeting for the biggest gains this earnings season.

The big-name companies have made their mark. We’ve heard from everyone from Alcoa (AA) and Apple (AAPL) to Caterpillar (CAT) and Wells Fargo (WFC).


My the 12 companies I have hand-selected for this earnings season are set to post bigger gains on stronger earnings than any of these widely-held stocks.

How can I be so confident?

Because that’s exactly what I’ve been doing for the last 15 years in Blue Chip Growth.

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I take great pride in finding those companies that profit from breakout earnings and my readers have profited handsomely. Just look:

During just the last 12 months we sold these top earnings picks for hefty profits …

  • Ambev +161%
  • Regeneron +129%
  • Novo Nordisk +104%
  • Reynolds American +101%

… while racking up further gains in our 41 open positions such as:

  • My top drug company +134%
  • My favorite airline +79%
  • My fast moving tech stock+28%

That’s no fluke either.

Over the past 15 years, my Blue Chip Growth letter has beaten the S&P 500 by $3-to-$1, specifically 345% vs. 96%…

…as my Top stocks for each year have soared–consistently handing my readers double- and triple-digit gains year after year.

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That way you, too, can grab a giant head start in the race for profits in 2014 as my current readers have year after year.

But you’ll need to act fast.

For the past 15 years, those who have gotten in on the ground floor of my Top stocks each year have banked many, many hefty returns, including:

  • EMC Corporation, up 477%
  • Dell, up 307%
  • Vodafone, up 263%
  • Nokia, up 252%
  • Occidental Petroleum, up 231%
  • Valero, up 222%
  • Cisco, up 209%
  • Canadian Natural Resources, up 206%
  • Suncor Energy, up 195%

All thanks to the 8-point stock-picking system I developed more than 20 years ago.

The millions of dollars I spent developing it has continually proven itself out in good times and bad.

For example…

In 2006, our Top picks Canadian Natural Resources (+206%), Valero (+222%), and Imperial Oil (+166%) were extremely profitable for us. REASON: They were riding the earnings trends of higher oil prices.

In 2007, we banked huge profits in Brookfield Asset Management (+140%) Telus (+82%) and Celgene (+39%) in 2007,–all as these Top companies rode the higher earnings trends in the real estate, telecommunications and biotech sectors.

In 2008, we locked in huge gains in Apple (+252%) in America Movil (+372%), in Google (+79%) in Southern Copper (+74%) and CME Group (+64%)–as most investors lost money–thanks to the big earnings trends in the tech, telecom and commodities sectors.

In 2009, we again locked in hefty gains in Monsanto (+162%), Gilead Sciences, (+45%) and McDonalds (+48%)–all during one of the toughest markets on record.

In 2010, our time-proven stock-picking system continued to not only beat the market by $3-to-$1 riding the trends higher buy also richly rewarded our readers with nine more double-digit winnder including American Tower (+43%), Southwest Energy (+38%) and Colgate-Palmolive (+32%).

In 2011, our system continued to prove its effectiveness with gains in Amazon (+116%), Express Scripts (+60%) and Ford (+43%) as the average investor broke even.

In 2012, we continued to pile on the profits locking in a 204% gain in Baidu and a 180% gain in Priceline.

In 2013, the getting was good and we took full advantage of the markets strenght and locked in gains in Ambev (+161%), Apple (+151%), Novo Nordisk (+104) and Ryenolds American (+101%).

So far this year, we’re not only sitting on 28 winning positions with average gains of 27%…

…but our biggest winners,have already handed us as much as 35%–and its only April 30th!

And wait until you see this quarter’s remaining breakout winners

Just like our past Top picks, they’re all riding a number of exciting new earnings trends that will help us continue to build our wealth 25% to 50% in the next 6 months.

If you can add them to your holdings now, I guarantee it could be one of the most profitable financial decisions you can make for 2014.

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Louis Navellier
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