Three Biotechs for Triple-Digit Gains in 2014

Avian Influenza. Bird Flu. H5N1.

It’s a virus that boasts a mortality rate above 60%. In China, it kills two out of three infected.

And for the first time ever, the highly-virulent H5N1 has crossed into the Americas.

One week ago, the first human infection of H5N1 was reported in Canada. But it won’t be the last.

I don’t want to scare you, because we’re not at pandemic levels—yet. H5N1 still can’t easily spread from person-to-person. And until that happens, we’re mostly safe here in the U.S.

But in the meantime, this virus is endemic in China. Tens of millions of birds have been slaughtered and disposed of to limit the spread of bird flu, but human cases there continue to surge because of the virus’ fast-mutation ability.

In fact, two out of three people infected in China die within days. Just take the latest report from the woman returning from a vacation in Beijing.

  • She felt unwell on her return flight to Alberta on December 27.
  • She was hospitalized on New Year’s Day.
  • And she died on January 3, only seven days from her first symptoms.

More troubling, she had no exposure to poultry while she was there.

And there is just one company that has the technology and the know-how, not to mention the full support of the Chinese government to fight this potential epidemic.

Buy Shares Today, and Enjoy Double-Digit Gains In Six Months…
…And Triple-Digit Profits in a Year!

Already, this stock is up 10% since the latest H5N1 case in Canada was released, and this is just the beginning of an explosive move higher for these shares.

This company—I’ll call it our #1 Biotech Winner of 2014— is one of the most innovative Chinese small-cap stocks that I’ve ever found.

It dominates its niche because it is consistently able to adapt and create vaccines for the latest infectious disease trends far faster than its giant pharmaceutical competitors.

And in the case of H5N1, speed is a necessity.

That’s because these flu viruses are fast mutating, with one already developing a resistance to Roche’s Tamiflu and GlaxoSmithKline’s Relenza according to the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention in Beijing.

And that’s why the Chinese government chose this company’s vaccine over the lumbering pharma giants as the only licensed H5N1 vaccine for China’s strategic stockpile.

But Wall Street is entirely overlooking this company—I guarantee that you won’t have heard of this stock.

In fact, there is just a single analyst following the company, and if you’ll forgive me for a moment, he’s had a history of being dead wrong.

  • Last quarter, this analyst expected the company to report a loss. Instead, the company reported a modest gain—surprising some 300% to the upside. And handing us hefty gains in the process.
  • The quarter before that, wrong again. To the tune of a 133% earnings surprise.
  • Before that, a 60% earnings surprise.

So rather than getting better, this poor overworked analyst is actually getting worse!

The next opportunity for a massive earnings surprise is coming up…

…because this analyst is STILL expecting the company to report a loss in the next quarter. And I have to say, I think we’re on the verge of an even bigger earnings upset.

That’s because the company is no one-hit wonder. It stands to benefit—and massively so—as H5N1 continues to rear its deadly head, or if we see another outbreak of H1N1, but it also has a number of other profitable vaccines for diseases like hepatitis A, hepatitis B, influenza and SARS.

And its latest vaccine is set to fight the Chinese epidemic of EV71, or Hand Foot and Mouth Disease, as cases continue to accelerate—from just over one million in 2010 to more than two million in 2012. There is no other treatment for EV71, and the company just completed its phase III clinical trials with strong results.

What about its pipeline? Vaccines for pneumococcal, rotavirus, rabies, varicella, and rubella.

And the best part is that this vaccine powerhouse is still small enough to double…or triple…in the next year. In fact, it has all the same promise as our previous triple-digit biotech winners Santarus (SNTS) for locked-in 612% gains and Valeant Pharma (VRX) for its 209% off-the-table profits.

Of course, in the worse-case scenario…if we were to see a repeat of the 1918 Spanish Flu, the deadliest epidemic in modern history…this company would be in a prime position to save some of the millions of lives that would be lost.

I’ve put together the full story for you on these this opportunity in my latest special report titled “Three Biotechs for Triple-Digit Gains in 2014” that I just uploaded to my Emerging Growth website.

Full details on how to reserve your copy, free of charge—as well as how to buy shares in this company now, before it surges again—in just a moment.

But first, I want to discuss two more biotech stocks with robust portfolios and even stronger pipelines in addition to this powerful vaccine maker…

Two Blockbuster Biotechs for Big 2014 Gains

Our #2 Biotech Winner of 2014 is a royalty powerhouse with one of the largest and most diversified portfolios in the industry.

Last year was its “break-out” year—two approvals, 6 Phase III results filed, two orphan designations and a whopping 20 net assets added to its portfolio.

And 2014 is going to be even better—with revenue generating drugs expected to double over the next year.

Not to mention that this company has a whopping $700 million in milestone payments from existing deals…Plus, another $800 million in projected R&D investment by its partners over the next year…With more than 80 clinical trials to be run in 2014…And royalties for its current assets are projected to exceed $2.2 billion over the next three years.

That’s a whole lot of big numbers for an overlooked stock that still trades at just a $1.3 billion market cap.

This may be our next 600%+ winner, just like Santarus last year, particularly since it keeps taking shots on goal.

Its latest drug is a novel new diabetes treatment with blockbuster potential. Before that, curing hot flashes. Before that, a treatment that cleans the toxic “plaque” that causes Alzheimer’s disease.

And those are just its latest launches.

So with the company’s revenue doubling and its stunning earnings numbers, I expect it will keep racking up the regulatory approvals and handing us smooth and steady gains through the year ahead.

Finally, our #3 Biotech Winner of 2014 has a unique claim to fame—it’s immune from scrutiny by the Food and Drug Administration.

This company solves the manufacturing challenges as drug-making shifts—from traditional pharmaceutical synthesis via everyday chemicals to bio-compounds that are purified from living organisms like bacteria.

I’m especially excited about its “Factory of the Future” rollout as biomanufacturing moves from permanent glass-and-steel production facilities to ones that can use disposable products that drastically reduce the time needed for purification, ups efficiency and lowers cost.

We’re already enjoying 100%+ gains in this stock, and there’s plenty more upside to go as the company continues to blow out earnings and raise its forward guidance.

And I want to make sure that you’re on board with us to profit. That’s why I’ve put all the details behind these three stocks in Three Biotechs for Triple-Digit Gains in 2014.

This report is immediately yours to keep, with the full names and opportunity behind these three stunning biotechs that are set to double…or even triple…all within the next year.

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I Can’t Tell You Their Names Here

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signed- Louis Navellier

Louis Navellier

Editor, Emerging Growth

P.S. These three biotech stocks will simply not wait around. If you plan to profit in 2014, you need to be in these three positions with triple-digit upside. Read the full story in my latest special report titled “Three Biotechs for Triple-Digit Gains in 2014” that I just uploaded to my Emerging Growth website.

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