250 Stocks to Buy (and 250 to Sell)

I hope that you’ve had a wonderful holiday with your family and friends and are back and have enjoyed the “Santa Claus rally” that we’ve seen on Wall Street today. I was going to hold off a little bit more, but I just can’t wait any longer: I’m excited to introduce a new feature that’s arriving on this website.


It’s called the Portfolio Grader 500, a quarterly guide to the best and worst stocks for the first quarter of 2014, all packaged into one easy-to-read report. In this report, I cover the 250 A-Rated powerhouses, 250 F-Rated sell immediately stocks and a full directory of the best and worst stocks by sector.

I cover a lot of stocks in this daily blog, but I know many of you also like to know more about other kinds of stocks—from large-caps to dividend payers and everything in between. My Portfolio Grader 500 report will help you with that, as well as the stocks I recommend you avoid at all costs.

Imagine it: At the start of every quarter, or at any time during the quarter, you can grab this handy reference guide and let it help you make informed buy and sell decisions. This new platform is unlike anything I’ve ever done—and it could make a significant impact on your investing win rate starting now.

If you currently subscribe to any of my premium newsletters, this handy reference guide is yours free. If you don’t but would like to have access to the PG 500, you can sign up for it here.

I’m putting the finishing touches on the Portfolio Grader 500 Q1 report as we speak and it becomes available on January 2, 2014. So all my current subscribers should watch their email inboxes closely, and everyone else can get more information here.


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Louis Navellier

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