Five Stocks to Beat the S&P 500 3-to-1 in 2014

NEW YORK — If you’re expecting bad news, then please click away now. Because if you stick around for the next 10 minutes, you’ll discover five new “Rotation Rally” stocks that can triple the gains the S&P 500 will make in 2014.

Now, 2013 was no slouch. A 25% gain in the S&P 500 is decent. But with these five new stocks in your portfolio, I’m about to show you how the next 12 months’ gains will make 2013’s look like chump change…thanks to the Rotation Rally.

I’ll explain what this means in just a second, but what’s more important right now is that you understand this rally will begin in January. In fact, we’re already seeing the signs of its early beginning. So to take maximum advantage of it, you’ll need to act fast on the five investments that I’m going to tell you about.

First, though, let me explain what a “Rotation Rally” is. A Rotation Rally is a “flight to quality.” It’s where junk stocks get discarded in favor of higher quality companies, with better performing stocks. And according to my research and analysis, it’ll be the leading money-making trend in 2014. So, if you don’t get in on it, you’ll be left behind.

Let me explain: In a rapidly rising market like 2013, everyone looked like a genius. Even the junk stocks were soaring earlier in the year. Because in the initial onslaught of excitement, everyone buys everything. And when everyone’s piling in, some stocks get bid up to insane levels. Even some of the big funds were jumping at stocks that didn’t warrant their attention at all. But as we sail through December, not all ships are still rising with the tide.

As the rally’s matured over the last couple of months, it’s become more focused. More specialized. Meaning, investors have become far more selective in what they’re willing to invest in. That’s leaving many overpriced, bad stocks in bubble territories. I hope you (or any funds you’re in) don’t own these stocks. Because we’re starting to hear little popping sounds, as they burst and begin to circle the drain.

I’m talking about stocks like:

  • The legally-troubled Acacia Research (ACTG), who was healthy during the bull run…only to drop 43% recently
  • The faltering consumer stock Select Comfort (SCSS), who jumped high on every rally, but couldn’t sustain momentum…recently down 25%
  • Struggling retailer Sears (SRHL), who soared on each bull market jump…only to drop 27% recently

Those bubbles are bursting as investors rotate their funds into the stronger stocks like my Blue Chip Growth members already own. Why Blue Chips? Because they have a reputation — and more importantly — a history of safe, steady growth.

That’s why our open positions my Blue Chip Growth portfolio are showing a:

  • 86.5% return in a Pharmaceutical stock
  • 48.68% return in an Internet Software and Services provider
  • 42.20% return in an IT service provider
  • 39.51% return in a Hotel & Leisure company…

…And these are in addition to 17 other double-digit winners!

And I’m expecting that the imminent Rotation Rally, with its “flight to quality" in 2014, has the power to equal or surpass what I’ve already shown you. So I’m more excited about 2014 than any other year this decade. Because I expect this Rotation Rally to trigger as soon as earnings are announced in January, that will intensify the “flight to quality,” and will boost five stocks I’ve identified as being head-and-shoulders above the rest. These are companies that I am telling my readers to rotate their funds into as soon as possible while tossing away lower quality stocks onto the trash heap.

My plan is for you to triple the market’s gains for 2014.

If you were with me in 2013, you enjoyed market-beating earnings as we sailed past the government shutdowns…continued our gains during the Fed’s tapering announcements…and we continue to churn out cash during the healthcare debacle. During 2013, we’ve closed out 34 investments. Our winners outnumbered our losers a whopping 28 to 6. And those few losses were slashed into an average of single-digits. And that wasn’t even our best year. From 1998 through 2012, on average, we easily tripled the gains of the S&P 500.

And that’s no cliché. On average, when the S&P 500 gains one dollar, my readers gain three dollars.

While so many people lost money — or barely broke even in the so-called “lost decade,” with the huge crashes in 1999 and 2008 — we actually doubled our money a total of 26 times in 11 years. Now, I’m not showing you my track record to brag but to prove to you that you can trounce the market when you buy and hold the right stocks. But what I really wanted to talk to you today is the five rotation rally stocks that I’ve handpicked for 2014.

5 Rotation Rally stocks that can earn you at least $3 for every $1 the market makes

I’ve prepared a special research report I’d like to give to you free. My staff and I have spent hundreds of hours intense researching to find five stocks capable of explosive breakout earnings starting in January. We’ve collected this research into a report called: 5 Rotation Rally Stocks: Get $3 Every Time The Market Earns $1. (Current Blue Chip Growth members can access the report by clicking this link. If you’re not a member yet, please continue reading for details on how to get the report)

Each are highly rated, safe stocks that stock buyers will “rotate” into, before the 2014 flight to quality intensifies to maximize profits. Let me introduce to you…

Rotation Rally Stock #1: The Prescription Drug Cost Cutter

Our first Rotation Rally stock is exciting everyone along the prescription drug supply chain. It’s actually revolutionizing prescription drug distribution. From the drug factory to your corner drug store, costs are being slashed…and the savings are being passed on to you. For example, for your local pharmacy, this company has invented several different machines, and even counter-top robots. Why? To automate tasks which used to take up the time of a high-paid pharmacist. Today’s pharmacy automation robots…

  • Counts pills and capsules accurately, making sure you get all the meds you pay for, and not ones you didn’t
  • Measures powders and liquids perfectly, thus eliminating errors in your meds
  • Track your prescriptions in a database, to discover drug interactions, as well as when it’s time for you to refill

This company is also a giant in shipping drugs. They’re responsible for distributing 20% of all meds in America directly from manufacturers to pharmacies. Plus, their network has effectively cut out the need for drug wholesalers and distribution houses. Their network also allows a “just-in-time” delivery system to pharmacies, meaning they can nearly eliminate costly inventories. All of these savings help keep costs down, and allow for better quality of medicines to reach you. No wonder they have excellent sales growth and return on equity. Plus, there is strong buying pressure for this stock in the market. This is a powerful company that’s just going to keep getting stronger in 2014. It will crush the returns of the broader market.

It’s not Glaxo. Nor is it Pfizer. Get it before the rotation rally begins in January. You’ll also be glad you discovered…

Rotation Rally Stock #2: Your Rare 2nd Chance Stock

“They” say the stock market is not forgiving. They are full of it. For example, if you missed out on the incredible stock price run-ups of MasterCard and Visa, you now have a second chance to profit from the move away from cash transactions. This is a company that provides credit cards for expenses incurred at large companies. These businesses use these cards to get:

  • Deeply discounted fuel prices — often at the wholesale level, as their overall purchase are negotiated at bulk quantities
  • The ability to use competition from different oil companies to get lower prices — for example, Esso, Texaco, Shell, and Keyfuels compete for this company’s business
  • Fraud prevention, with predetermined vendors
  • Smartchip technology in the cards lets them track their employees movements, to make sure they are on the job, and staying on task
  • Security from theft and embezzlement — no cash is involved, and every transaction accounted for

Businesses are finding this card invaluable. And its uses are expanding, as is the stock price of the company supplying these cards. And as businesses grow at breakneck speed in 2014, they’ll continue to turn to this rapidly growing Blue Chip company to finance their logistics. Yet, in spite of all this, this company’s share price is undervalued at this time. You need to get in on this play now, before its price goes through the roof.

Rotation Rally Stock #3: The Pharmaceutical Pirate

What company needs “organic growth…” when instead, they can raid, pillage, and plunder their competition? This company has grown exponentially by systematically eliminating competitors — by buying them out.

They gobbled up 11 companies in 2011 for a 108% revenue growth…and devoured 12 more in 2012 for another 44% in revenue growth. And in 2013, they’ve added their most recent prize: one of the largest ophthalmology companies in the world.

Judging by the rate their stock is soaring, their strategy is wildly successful. I expect their price climb to grow even faster throughout 2014. So this is a company you need to have in your portfolio now.

Rotation Rally Stock #4: The Undercover Drug Giant

You’ve bought their medications by prescription. You’ve bought their medications over-the-counter. I’ll bet that many times, when you’ve bought a generic med, or a “store-branded” pill, it’s been manufactured by this company. Now, they’re not showy. They’d rather make their billions outside of the spotlight. They don’t have to create anything. Their research and development costs are minimal. Yet they have unleashed a flood of revenues for their investors by being a dominant player in the generic and store-branded drug market.

That’s proven by their numbers: Their latest net revenues are up over 50%, earnings per share up over 50%, and gross earnings (adjusted) increased over 60%. Big numbers. Big earnings. And a growing share price. Why? In the last year alone, they’ve launched over 500 new products. And with people world-wide clamoring for the cheapest medications they can get, this company’s going nowhere but up. Get in while you still can at a low price. You can find out how, by getting my free report: 5 Rotation Rally Stocks: Get $3 Every Time The Market Earns $1.

Rotation Rally Stock #5: The Chinese Anti-Virus Software Animal

I saved the best for last. But you don’t want to wait on this one. You’ll want to jump on it quick, as it could be the growth story of the decade. And you’ll want in while it’s still on the ground floor. This company is rapidly rising to become the dominant software security company in China. Like a tiger, it’s swallowing the competition’s market share, proving its better than the rest. And the company’s offering top-notch software in:

Internet Security: not just for the Chinese market, but for first-world countries as well

Mobile Security: Droid users can defend their smartphones against malware and other dangers with this valuable app

PC Anti-Virus and System Optimization: This powerful security and utility suite gives Symantec and Norton Utilities a run for its money

Personal Start-Up Pages: Currently supplied to over 90 million users, with 450 million clicks in 4Q of 2012…And these figures have been growing ever since

This company’s numbers are off-the-chart. They have a habit of delivering earnings and revenue that routinely surprise analysts. (Which is always a great sign for stock prices.) It reported Q3 2013 adjusted earnings per share ahead of analyst estimates, and 135% higher than Q3 2012. Revenue increased 124%, literally millions above consensus estimates. These kind of earnings are just now beginning to fuel stock price growth, which will only accelerate in 2014. Get on board now, for the revenues to pour into your portfolio. Of course, by now, you may be wondering how to get the research report that gives you the details on each of these 5 Rotation Rally stocks that could beat the S&P 3-1….

As I said, you can get this $97 value research report for free. To take advantage of this offer simply…

Claim your 6-month test drive of my elite stock picking membership, Blue Chip Growth

And you’ll get all the benefits I’ve mentioned above.

But why Blue Chip Growth? Because Blue Chips are among the safest, most secure, yet quickest-growing stocks. They are the big players — many are American institutions — and many are household names.

So when you join my Blue Chip Growth club, your fear of investing will evaporate. We cherry-pick the top American icons — only concentrating on stocks that fit my wealth building keys.

Blue Chips are the perfect class of stocks for investors who want steady growth at low risk. Which is perfectly timed for the market flight to quality we are now entering.

But Rotation Rally investments aren’t the only thing you’ll get as a Blue Chip Growth subscriber. In addition, you’ll receive:

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I want to take Blue Chip Growth for a Six-Month Test Drive Now!

I can’t wait to hear from you about your wins. Please drop me a line. I’d love to know how you’re reaching your dreams by making the most from your money. For yourself. For your family. For building a legacy for coming generations.

Yours For Higher Profits,

signed: Louis Navellier
Louis Navellier

Editor, Blue Chip Growth

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