Introducing the Almost Perfect Stock

Imagine an integrated technology company whose products are not only found in virtually every automobile sold around the world, but also in appliances, locomotives, railcars, trains, construction, welding, and mining equipment. Imagine a company whose revenues jumped 40% and whose earnings soared 250% last quarter, all while handing investors 159% 12-month gains.

So what, exactly, is the flaw here?

Ninety-nine out of 100 investors have never heard of this almost perfect $25 stock and yet its innovative user interface solutions are transforming the computing world just as Microsoft, Apple, and Intel did before it. Here’s the full story and why it’s set to hit $50 in 2014.

If you’ve been investing as long as I have, then you know there are no perfect stocks and no perfect times to own them.

Every company—from Apple to Google and every one in between—has a flaw built in that could undermine sales and earnings in all markets and in all environments.

Yet, the biggest flaw our research has uncovered with this Almost Perfect $25 technology company is that few people know it or have heard of it—yet millions are using this company’s touch and user interface applications every single time they get into their car, run their dishwasher, or put something into their microwave.

How can this be?

Because this company is the 800-lb gorilla of the touch and user interface technologies market—technologies that are now being integrated into virtually every electronic device on the planet.

When I say virtually every new electronic device on the planet, I mean it.

Not only are you finding this company’s innovative “turn on/off and control” products in automobiles and home appliances, but also in…

  • Wind turbines
  • Solar panels
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Next-generation light rail
  • High-efficiency services
  • Fighter jet radar systems

Which is why they have a Fortune 100 customer base including the likes of Boeing, General Motors, Nissan, Volkswagen, and Jaguar.

Which is also why the company has registered FOUR positive earnings surprises in a row of 8.3%, 350%, 60%, and 71%.

For these reasons, management has upped its earnings per share guidance from $.052 for 2013 to $1.50 for 2014…and why the analysts are forecasting a 266% earnings growth next quarter.

Management and the analyst community aren’t the only ones who see a continued rocket ride for this touch screen technology juggernaut.

Twenty of the world’s shrewdest institutional and mutual fund holders see a monster windfall here as well, together owning more than 21 million shares valued at more than half a billion dollars.

I speak, for example, of…

Killen Group, Inc.


Dimensional Fund Advisors


Invesco Ltd.


Price (T. Rowe) Associates


BlackRock Fund Advisors


They’ve backed up the truck on this company’s shares for one simple reason:

Because its proprietary touch screen and user interface technologies differentiate their clients’ products and have proven themselves to drive higher profit margins.

That’s why the world’s largest corporations are flocking to this company’s proprietary touch technologies to add to their own bottom lines.

It’s no wonder.

The whole world is adding touch screen technologies to their product lines. The chain reaction will send this company’s sales, earnings, and profits skyrocketing over the next few years.

For these reasons, if you can add our $25 Almost Perfect Stock to your holdings before it declares earnings December 5th—and before the pension funds pile in—you could easily grab its next 100% gain by the end of the year.

Unfortunately, most investors will miss this.

But you won’t, when you join me here at Emerging Growth.

Let Me Give You a Taste of What I’m Talking About Here

The company…

  • Has registered 40% sales growth and 250% earnings growth year over year
  • Has registered four consecutive positive earnings surprises in a row
  • Has a forward P/E ratio of—get this—just 13, and that’s after the stock made 159% gains in 12 months
  • Has a market cap of under $1 billion
  • Has one of the strongest buy ratings of any of our stocks
  • Has analysts forecasting 266% earnings for this quarter
  • Has just raised its 2014 guidance from $.052 per share for 2013 to $1.50 for 2014

Throw in the fact that the touch screen user interface market is expected to explode over the next decade as more and more manufacturers add touch to their current products…

… and you can see why I’m convinced beyond doubt the company is going to clobber Wall Street and double investors’ money again.

Especially now with Windows 8 leading the increase in touch-compatible notebooks and PCs.

Unfortunately, I Can’t Tell You More or Give You This Company’s Name Here!

You’ll find it only on my private website as an exclusive for my subscribers of record.

Two reasons:

  • Hedge funds and the media follow me too closely.
  • Naming it in this email could make it impossible for you to get it at the buy-below price.

So while I can’t tell you more about this now, I can tell you this: The profits here for our Almost Perfect Stock will be enormous.

In fact, given the company’s previous 250% earnings growth and 159% 19-month run-up, I’d be disappointed if the company didn’t double again in 90 days.

For these reasons, if you don’t grab this one now, you’re going to kick yourself for years.

Here’s why…

Wall Street Has No Idea of What Is Going On Here

That’s because the financial media is too focused on the Obamacare battle and can’t see the great profit opportunity this little-known yet highly profitable technology company offers investors now and for the next few years.

That’s what makes it such a great play, and that’s why I’m predicting another double in the next 90 days when it reports another blowout quarter.

The reasons are simple:

  • You have a little-known technology stock that is posting sales and earnings growth of 40% and 250%, respectively.
  • It’s set to register another 266% in earnings growth come December 5.
  • It has more than doubled investors’ money in 12 months.
  • Wall Street is simply looking the other way, and this is your chance to get in on it before it declares earnings.

Have I caught your attention?

I hope so. But you’ll have to act fast.

The Biggest Profits Will Come in the Next 24 Hours

You see, once hedge fund and pension fund managers catch wind of my Almost Perfect Stock and pile into it, as they often do, you could see the price increase by another 20%, 30%, even as much as 50%, in as little as 24 hours—especially when they see our most recent projections.

That’s why, as part of my policy at Emerging Growth, we release our trades directly to our readers ONLY via our password-protected website and secure email system.

That’s why you can make this trade with confidence and trust that you won’t get locked out of it—or any of our small-cap stock recommendations—when you join us now.

My 90-day, 100% money-back guarantee promises just that.

Don’t miss this!

Load Up Today—Retire Tomorrow

That’s the whole reason I created Emerging Growth: to bring you the biggest profit opportunities from today’s most innovative companies.

Those readers who have been with me from the beginning have not only beaten the S&P 500 by $9 to $1 for more than 27 years, but also doubled their money 32 times along the way—all by grabbing our fast-moving small stocks like these:

  • Envirodyne +1,704%
  • Optical Coatings +1,579%
  • L.A. Gear +820%
  • 4Kids Entertainment +786%
  • Photon Dynamics +971%
  • Glenayre Technologies +688%
  • Holly Corporation +457%
  • Hansen Natural +1,125%
  • America Movil +347%
  • Valero +180%
  • NutriSystem +169%
  • IPSCO +107%
  • Tenaris +98%

With our ratings on this fast-moving touch screen technology stock continuing to shoot through the roof, even these fast gains could look like chump change.

That’s why you can make this trade with 100% confidence that it will deliver as promised—or you won’t pay a dime.

But you’ll need to hurry.

You Won’t Get a Second Chance

Two reasons:

  1. Since few investors know this company exists, if you wait until my buy rating becomes public in 24 hours, this $25 Almost Perfect Stock could already have jumped another 50%.
  2. Especially when investors read my full write-up on this company and learn its 40% sales growth, 250% earnings growth, and 159% profits in the last 12 months are just a sneak preview of what’s headed your way.

I’m not alone in my thinking.

The analysts are already projecting 266% earnings growth for next quarter, AND 20 of the world’s shrewdest institutional and mutual fund investors know this as well, buying up 20 million shares in anticipation of the profit wave that’s headed their way.

Don’t get left behind.

MY ADVICE: Establish your position in my Almost Perfect Stock tonight.

My “Profit or Pay Nothing” Guarantee

Makes You a Winner No Matter What

Look …

A year’s subscription to Emerging Growth regularly costs $995 and you have to sign up for a minimum of a full year.

Because the profit potential on my $25 Almost Perfect Stock is so great, my publisher has allowed me to open the door for a limited number of 90-day risk-free trials for just $295 and no long-term commitment.

You get…

  • 90 days to try our service
  • 90 days to buy our stocks at their lowest prices
  • 90 days to see our trades begin to pay off

And then decide.

Once you read the full story on my Almost Perfect Stock, you will understand why my approach has beaten the market by $9 to $1 over the past 10 years…and why our readers profit in all markets at all times.

The bottom line here is this:

If I’m right, you could easily find yourself 50% richer in the blink of an eye. If I’m wrong, you simply get your money back. No questions asked.

The best part: You have 90 days to watch it take off before you make your ultimate decision.

The power of positive earnings momentum is accelerating earnings in our $25 Almost Perfect Stock. So if you’re going to catch the next wave of profits, NOW is the time.

If you want to profit with us, then you must accept my money-back guarantee and savings offer today without hesitation.

The action or inaction you take today will determine your future wealth.

You have my promise you will profit or pay nothing.

I look forward to hearing from you today.


Louis Navellier

signed: Louis Navellier

Editor, Emerging Growth

P.S. If you’ve read this far and have decided not to grab my 90-day risk-free trial, please remember this:

My Almost Perfect Stock has already handed investors 159% gains in 12 months on 250% earnings growth. With the whole world adding touch screen technologies to their product lines, we can only see their sales, earnings, and profits skyrocket over the next few yeas.

If the stock’s past performance is any indication of what is headed your way, now is NOT the time to sit on your hands.

Grab my $25 Almost Perfect Stock today. I guarantee it will be your most powerful investing decision for 2014—or you won’t pay a dime.

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