My New Market Analysis and Your Fourth Quarter Game Plan

(Plus a One-Time-Only Invitation)

You’re right to worry. After an incredible bull market run and new record highs for the Dow and S&P 500, any investor who isn’t carefully evaluating what’s next for this market should have their head examined.

I’ve just completed my own analysis and can say beyond a shadow of a doubt that we’re headed for a huge market shift in the coming weeks—one that will catch most investors by surprise.

Now, anytime we hit a new market high, you can count on the financial media to trot out scary 1987 comparisons—and I’ve seen plenty of them lately. So let me be clear…

What lies ahead won’t look anything like 1987.

In reality, this market is actually shaping up to be just like 1995—a year that delivered one of the most impressive market rallies of my lifetime. See for yourself…

The blue line shows the stock market’s stunning 32.5% gain that year.

The red line shows the market so far this year and as you can see, we’re closely following the 1995 pattern.

I expect that to continue thanks to a powerful “X factor” that will drive stocks much higher.

The rocket fuel that propelled that massive 1995 rally—and will do so again in the coming months—was a bond market crash on the heels of a surge in interest rates.

Money poured into stocks as fixed income investors increasingly turned to stocks after a sudden spike in bond yields. Bond hedge funds went up in flames.

Today, we’re seeing the biggest interest rates surge in at least 50 years. And investors are fleeing bond funds in record-breaking droves ($123 Billion in June through August alone).

Those aren’t the only similarities between 1995 and today…

  • Slow growth. U.S GDP slipped below 1% for two straight quarters in 1995 prompting major handwringing about the economy.
  • China worries. In 1995, China’s slowing growth—from the upper teens to single digits—was a major source of worry.
  • Low volatility.  2013 is shaping up to be the least volatile year since 1995. Since 1928, the Dow has closed up or down more than 1% on an average of 57 days per year. That happened just 20 times in 1995. So far this year…just 16.
  • Political turmoil. 1995 was the year the Clinton White House and Republican controlled Congress locked horns in a budget and debt ceiling fight that led to a government shutdown.

Sound familiar?

It’s said that the market loves to climb a wall of worry. It certainly did in 1995, it has throughout this year and I believe it will continue to do so in the months ahead.

You Must Act Now

I honestly can’t remember a time in the last 30 years that I have been as excited as I am right now about the incredible opportunity in front of us.

BUT the next phase of this bull market will be VERY different. This next big move up will NOT be a rising tide that lifts all boats.

The massive amount of money pouring into the market is already getting more selective. That means two things… First, that things are about to get very ugly for weak stocks. Second, that we are about to see one of the great rallies of our lifetime in superior stocks.

That’s why I’m sending you this one-time-only invitation today.  As you may know, I recently developed a new system—one of the most powerful I’ve ever created. And it is specifically designed to pinpoint superior stocks and help you make big gains fast from the epic shift ahead.

A small group of investors have been using it since April 1 and are trouncing the market 9-to-1.

Now as we head into what may be the one of the greatest opportunities of the decade, I want to be sure you have a chance to profit it from it, too. So I’m inviting you to take my new service, Ultimate Growth, for a no-obligation, no-risk test drive for the next 30 days.

And should you be as thrilled with the results as we are, then you can to become a member at the lowest price we have ever offered.

More on that in a minute, but first…

A Word of Caution

Wall Street and I have VERY different ideas about the smartest way to make money in the months ahead. Wall Street wants you to believe that in order to make big money fast, you must become either a day trader or an options trader.

Don’t you believe them for a second.

Active trading is just another scheme Wall Street cooked up to line their pockets with your money and the odds are severely stacked against you. Here’s the proof…

I’ve listed a dozen or so stocks I have recommended to my readers. We bought each of these stocks because of their superior underlying fundamentals and momentum. We also bought and held them with a longer-term view in mind. And we were richly rewarded for our patience with an average gain of 55%.

However, had we done what traders would do, and attempted to trade the swings—perhaps employing those ridiculous 10% trailing stop losses that most traders are so fond of—we would not only have locked in far fewer profits on every single stock listed, but in most cases we would have incurred gigantic losses.

As you can see, we pocketed gains that were anywhere from 5%—116% HIGHER than those of a typical trader.

And just as importantly, we did not lose money on a single one of these stocks.

Traders on the other hand, lost money on 7 of these 19 holdings.

Plus, while we locked in fat average gains of 55%, active traders using a typical strategy walked away with overall returns of just 13%.

Same stocks, different strategy, VERY different results.

To me, the bottom line is clear: Frenetic trading racks up big fees, takes a few years off your life thanks to the stress, and often leaves you with painful losses and smaller profits.

But here’s the good news…there is absolutely NO reason for you to gamble with your hard-earned money trading options or becoming a day trader.

My new service, Ultimate Growth, is a smarter, safer, saner way to invest. It was born so I could help you pocket more explosive short-term profits without jumping on the rickety trading bandwagon.

How? By staying true to the proven formula that has allowed my readers to double their money 32 times over in the last 14 years.

With Ultimate Growth, I have taken my proven system, given it a shot of adrenaline AND added an unparalleled layer of safety to deliver maximum gains in shorter periods for those of you who want to more actively invest.

This Might Not Be for You

Now before we go any further, please note that I said Ultimate Growth is for those of you who want to actively invest, NOT those of you who want to actively trade!

This is not a service for day traders. If you want to trade options, please do NOT accept this invitation because I guarantee that we will not trade a single option. No hedging, no stop losses either…no crossing our fingers and swinging for the fences.

If you are looking to trade multiple times a day or trade every day of the week, I thank you for your time, but please stop reading. Ultimate Growth isn’t right for you.

Ultimate Growth is also not about income. Sure, some of the stocks I recommend may throw off income along the way, but we won’t own most of them long enough for you to notice.

What Ultimate Growth IS is a one-of-a-kind service for stock investors who want to pocket consistent, market stomping gains from superior stocks we’ll own for weeks or months (not years).

If that sounds like something you are interested in, then please keep reading to learn how this works (and get the details on a very special, limited-time offer to take Ultimate Growth for a test drive)…

Let Me Show You How it Works

I can’t reveal all my trade secrets, but let me pull back the curtain just a bit so you see how Ultimate Growth works and why it’s unlike anything I’ve ever offered.

My other newsletter services specialize in different types of stocks—global stocks… emerging stocks…blue chip stocks. And they have produced amazing, fully documented market beating results.

But in order to deliver maximum short-term profits, my extensive analysis and number crunching shows that we want to start with the broadest universe possible. So unlike my other services, Ultimate Growth will look across the entire spectrum of stocks.

We will invest in stocks of any style, of any size, from any country that offer us the potential for big gains fast.

Only the Top 1% of Stocks Make the Cut

While broadening our universe, I have also significantly tightened my already stringent selection criteria.

Of the roughly 5,000 stocks we’ll start with, only the top 5% will even survive our first round of rigorous testing. To be honest, most investors would be thrilled to own the stocks that make it into that top 5%. But not us.

The only stocks that will ever make our Ultimate Growth buy list will be AAA rated stocks.

Every stock we own will be ranked an:

  1. button: Try it for 30 Days A for fundamentals
  2. A for quantitative analysis
  3. A for risk/reward.

That’s a VERY high bar to meet and means that only the top 1% of all the stocks in our universe will ever have the potential to make my buy list.

This relentless focus on extreme selectivity will give us a powerful and unparalleled one-two punch of superior fundamentals and momentum, PLUS a practically unheard of layer of safety.

This unprecedented level of safety is the real beauty of my new system. Traders will tell you that losing money is all part of the game…that you have to be willing to accept big losses if you want big wins.

Maybe that’s what they need to tell themselves to get through the pain of their latest loss, but they couldn’t be more wrong.

Ultimate Growth’s laser-focus on selectivity and quality means we’re investing only in superior stocks and that actually offers us an added layer of protection and insulates us from market whims.

The Secret to Locking in Big Gains Fast

Becoming a triple-A rated stock is quite a feat, and most stocks don’t stay triple-A rated for long.

So we keep a close watch on each stock we recommend and are quick to lock in our profits and immediately put that money back to work in the newest, strongest stocks that make it to the top of our buy list.

That means you will only ever own the crème de la crème.

It also means you should expect to sell our Ultimate Growth stocks in a matter of weeks or months, not years. We’ve been doing just that since we launched, and the results have been nothing short of spectacular.

Time to Come Clean

With Ultimate Growth, I promise to deliver big short-term profits with an unparalleled level of safety.

That’s a big promise. A promise that, quite frankly, some people told me not to make. But I don’t make promises I can’t keep.

So how are we measuring up so far? Well, in just the first 5 months since the service launched we…

  • Beat the Dow by 9-to-1!  Our stocks soared 16.1% in just five months compared to 1.8% for the Dow. Even an impressive 5% return for the S&P 500 was no match.
  • button: Save 60%Locked in 31 winning stocks.
  • Pocketed double-digit gains of 10%–57% on 19 of those winners.

It all adds up to a quick $21,455 profit (including our winners and losers) in just over five months.

And we’re just getting warmed up.

Now, I can share all the past results in the world, but I know that when it comes to investing your hard-earned money, talk is cheap and seeing is believing. So the best way I know of to let you see what Ultimate Growth can do for you is to let you take it for a test drive…

The Lowest Price We’ve Ever Offered

Accept this private invitation today and you can try Ultimate Growth risk free for the next 30 days.

If you are thrilled with the results as I expect you’ll be, you can continue your membership at the lowest price we have EVER offered.

As you’ve seen, Ultimate Growth is a unique service that delivers huge gains and priceless peace of mind—and as you would expect, that doesn’t come cheap. In fact, Ultimate Growth sells to the general public for $5,000.

But you won’t pay anything close to that.

As a Charter Member, you get a 50% discount. That’s just $2,495—already a huge savings.

But as a member of the Navellier family, for the next few days only, I’m slashing ANOTHER $500 off that Charter Member price. Why? Because I don’t want you to regret missing out the huge gains I see ahead, so I’m doing everything in my power to get you on board.

That means that with this private invitation, you get a full year of Ultimate Growth for just $1,995—but only for a VERY limited time.

This invitation ends in just 5 days and when it does, I guarantee you won’t see it again.

button: Risk FreeSo if you have any interest in giving Ultimate Growth a try, you simply won’t find a better time to do so.

But let me repeat, this huge, one-time-only $3,005 discount ends Wednesday, so I urge you to RSVP now.

I’ll Be With You Every Step of the Way

When you become a Charter Member, you’ll get all of the benefits we have talked about…superior stocks…explosive short-term profits…peace of mind. Plus your Ultimate Growth service includes:

  • Two to five fast moving trades per week. All AAA rated stocks at the tipping point of a growth surge, and delivered directly to your inbox with specific buy below prices. Ultimate Growth is about opportunity plain and simple. That means I’ll be in touch whenever and as often as necessary.
  • Weekly email updates—every Monday, I’ll send you a weekly profit guide that will set us up for the week ahead. We’ll discuss what events could drive market, any important news on our current holdings and my analysis of what to expect.
  • Text Alerts (if you wish). I want you to be able to take action when the time is right. Ultimate Growth is not about being tied to computer or having to check your email all day. So I’m making these alerts available by email and by text if you’d like. Just let us know and we’ll send your Alerts—at no extra cost—to your mobile phone as well.
  • Exclusive members-only web site. You’ll have unlimited 24/7 access to our Buy List, Weekly Profit Guides, Action Alerts and more. PLUS, I’ve added some very special new features I think you will love including: our complete Buy List, constantly updated and ranked by which stocks offer you the biggest opportunity right now, fully personalized and customizable portfolios and brand-new charting and comparison tools that let you interact with our Buy List stocks in a whole new way.

So, we have talked about the market-beating gains Ultimate Growth will deliver, your big Charter Member savings and EXTRA $500 discount, your suite of subscriber-only benefits…

But just in case you aren’t already convinced that you should take me up on this invitation, I want to be sure you know you can try Ultimate Growth with absolutely zero risk thanks to…

My Iron-clad 5 Point Guarantee

I am incredibly excited about Ultimate Growth and what it can do for you in the coming weeks. But the best way for you to decide if it’s right for you is to try it for yourself. And you can do that with total peace of mind knowing that you are fully protected by my personal guarantee.

Try Ultimate Growth today and I promise you:

  1. button: RSVP NowBigger, safer, saner profits. Ultimate Growth will deliver more short-term gains than most investors could ever hope for. And you’ll never have to gamble with your hard-earned money, take big risks with options or become a trader to get them.
  2. Superior stocks. Ultimate Growth will bring you nothing less than the best stocks with superior fundamentals and momentum. Only the top 1% of all stocks in our universe will be able to pass my stringent criteria, giving you an unprecedented level of safety.
  3. Clear guidance. You’ll never be left wondering what to do. I will be in touch whenever (and as often as) needed to give you specific buy and sell advice on our stocks. I’ll even send you Alerts by text if you’d like. Plus, our one-of-a-kind online tools let you track our stocks in ways never before, knowing at a glance which of our stocks are the best buys each day.
  4. My 100% Peace-of-Mind Money Back Guarantee. Try Ultimate Growth for a full 30 days. Get every trade alert, every market update, full use of our subscriber only website and all the new tools we’ve added there, watch our stocks, and if you aren’t thrilled, just let me know and I’ll return every penny you paid. It really is that simple.
  5. Guaranteed for the life of your service. My money-back guarantee doesn’t end there—nothing less than your complete satisfaction is acceptable to me. If you change your mind at any time for the life of your subscription, you just say the word and I’ll refund the entire balance on your subscription.

No ifs, ands or buts. That’s my personal, hassle-free guarantee. So are you ready to get started?

You Don’t Want to Miss This

I’ve have been advising investors like you on how to squeeze the biggest, safest profits out of the stock market for more than 30 years.

And the truth is, I don’t think I’ve EVER been more excited about the tremendous money-making opportunities on the horizon than I am right now.

Powerful market and economic forces are converging that will continue to drive this market higher between now and the end of the year.

Savvy investors who are ready to more actively invest in exchange for big short-term profits can make a fortune in the next big leg of this rally by owning the superior, AAA-rated stocks we’ll uncover in Ultimate Growth.

If you are one of them, I urge you to accept this invitation to give Ultimate Growth a try. I’ve made it incredibly easy with my personal 5-point money-back guarantee, 50% Charter Member discount and extra $500 loyalty discount.

Just RSVP now to lock in the lowest price we have ever offered.


Signed Louis Navellier

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