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I read a lot. And that’s an understatement.

I read all day every day to cover the latest breaking economic news, niche sector news and, I’ll admit, sometimes some pop culture gossip.

But this article from Reuters got me thinking about my upbringing and future generations.

The article is about how Millennials think about money. The be honest, I had no idea what they thought about money. I admit that after a certain age, I completely stopped understanding what drove younger generations at all.

You can read the full article here, but the takeaway for me was that the younger generation (those in there early 30’s) have a very different sense of wealth and success than perhaps a person in my age group does. They say that younger people are using their money to invest in themselves now vs. saving it for retirement. And I have to say that is smart. They are investing in themselves through things like higher education and starting businesses.

The "pay yourself first" theory is one that my parents imparted as they incouraged me to get a good education and build my own business, but I’m glad to hear that the younger generation is learning it at an earlier age.

Read the full article when you have a moment. I know it will give you some good insight and perhaps make you think about your notions about wealth. Can never go wrong doing that.


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