An Invitation to Join Platinum Growth Club

I'll Deliver 50 Double-Digit Winners a Year EVERY Year for the Next 5 Years GUARANTEED!

Fellow Investor,

We’ve done it again! In 2012, my readers once again enjoyed 50+ double and triple-digit winners.

To celebrate, I have what I think is a bold, and frankly irresistible invitation for you.

But my publisher says it’s half-baked and is completely against it.

I’ve convinced him to let YOU be the judge.

Hard to believe this all started with a spreadsheet.

At the end of every month, I spend hours upon hours crunching the numbers, reviewing our results, looking for our next opportunities. In doing so, I discovered something fairly shocking.

Over the last five years, while the Dow gained

and the S&P 500 gained 16%,

I delivered 334 double- and triple-digit winners.

You read that right…my services have given readers 334 fully documented double- and triple-digit winners.

Seeing the numbers in black and white, and knowing what blockbuster returns like this would have meant to your bottom line over the last five years, made me realize that I must do absolutely everything I can to get my powerful wealth building system into your hands ASAP.

So I’m bound and determined to make sure you are with us for our next 334 winners—even if I give my publisher a panic attack in the process!

That’s why I’m doing something I’ve NEVER done in all the 30 years I’ve been at this…

The Most Ambitious, Most Outrageous
Offer I’ve Ever Made

You are one of a small, highly qualified group of my loyal subscribers I’m inviting to take me up on what is quite simply the best offer I have EVER made.


I made enough to buy my wife a nice new car. And, that was without paying more than $1,000 on any one stock. I gained $3,757.05 in 19 days!

Vic E., Iowa City, IO

Accept this invitation and you’ll get:

  1. My ironclad guarantee that I will deliver at least 50 double- or triple-digit winners a year EVERY YEAR for the next FIVE YEARS or you get 100% of your money back.
  2. All four of my advisory services FREE for the NEXT FIVE YEARS. And that includes my brand-new Ultimate Growth service AND my sold out Family Trust!
  3. Full membership in my Platinum Growth Club for the absolute lowest price I have EVER offered (I’m practically giving it away!).

And that’s just the start.

To top it off, I’ve made this invitation absolutely risk free with my triple 100% money back guarantee (more on that in a minute).

BUT, here’s the catch—actually, there are two…

My publisher will only enroll the first 65 people who respond to this invitation.

And because he thinks this offer is a terrible idea (he tells me I’m giving away the store), this is the LAST TIME you will ever see this incredible offer.

So if you are at all interested, I urge you to RSVP quickly and reserve one of the 65 memberships available before it’s too late.

Priceless Market-Stomping Performance

A Small Sampling of
Our Winners

Valeant Pharmaceuticals up 208%
Ebix Inc up 186% up 68%
Acme Packet Inc up 97%
Ford up 42%
Herbalife up 79%
Radware Ltd up 127%
MIPS Technologies up 67%
Baidu up 99%
C2 Global Technologies up 71%
Fossil up 69%
Allot Communications up 82%
Zagg Inc up 79%
Silicon Motion Technology Group up 124% up 116%
Netflix Inc up 112%
Fuwei Film up 92%
Aixtron AG up 75%
IMAX Corp up 150%
SXC Health Solutions Corp up 146%

My Platinum Growth Club is the most intimate, most personal, most profitable way to invest with me.

The numbers speak for themselves:

  • Blue Chip Growth has beaten the market $3 to $1 for 14 years
  • Emerging Growth has beaten the market $9 to $1 for 9 years

Together with my now closed Global and Quantum Growth, they have delivered 334 double- and triple-digit winners over the last 5 years.

And I guarantee we will deliver at least 50 more double- or triple-digit winners a year EVERY YEAR for the NEXT five years.

Imagine what performance like that will do to your portfolio!

In a market like this, it’s critical that you have access to the very best investments available with NO restrictions. As a Platinum Growth Club member, I promise to bring you the very best investments on the planet, no matter what size the stock, no matter what sector, no matter what country I find them.

Getting the total package means you’ll never leave a penny of profit on the table from this day forward!

Get All FOUR of My Services FREE!

So RSVP now and activate your full Platinum Growth Club benefits. When you do you’ll get:

  1. Blue Chip Growth FREE for the next 5 years
  2. Emerging Growth FREE for the next 5 years
  3. NEW! Ultimate Growth FREE for the next 5 years
  4. Navellier Family Trust FREE for the next 5 years

You’ll get every newsletter, every special alert, every research report, every recommendation from all four services FREE for 5 years. PLUS:

  • Exclusive access to our Platinum Growth Model Portfolio FREE for the next 5 years
  • Unlimited access to my proprietary Portfolio Grader service FREE for the next 5 years
  • 50 double- or triple-digit winners every year for the next 5 years, guaranteed. If I don’t deliver, your service is free.

Your Ticket to Life-Changing Wealth

The Platinum Growth Club total wealth advisory experience goes far beyond the recommendations you’ll get in my newsletters. This is your chance to put me on your team each and every day as we create life-changing wealth.


I made enough to buy my wife a nice new car. And, that was without paying more than $1,000 on any one stock. I gained $3,757.05 in 19 days! In the two years after we subscribed, our net worth has more than doubled, growing from 5 figures to 6.

Rosemary B,. SunCity Center, FL

That’s why in addition to getting all of my advisory services and all the exclusive benefits I just listed free, as a member you also get:

  • FREE Live Chats for the next 5 years. That’s up to 60 meetings with me in all. There is simply no other way to join me for this type of one-on-one conversation.
  • FREE Special Alerts with my comprehensive Stocks to Sell list. What you DON’T own is as important to your investing success as what you do own. I’ll send you my most up-to-date recommendations on dangerous stocks you should sell now and laggard stocks that you should trim from your portfolio.
  • FREE videos and podcasts exclusively for you. At least once a month you’ll get access to a special video or podcast exclusively for Platinum Growth Club members.
  • FREE access to Portfolio Grader—my exclusive and powerful stock-rating tool. Plus, as a member, you’ll be ushered to the front of the line for any new and improved features we add in the years ahead.
  • RSVP NowFREE guaranteed seat at my upcoming webinar. This special event is exclusively for Platinum members. I’ll show you what to look out for next Earnings Season (you may be surprised), as well as pinpoint the best stocks to buy as we head into the summer. Plus, I’ll be taking your questions live. I’ll send you all the details for this special event shortly after you join.
  • FREE invitations to join me at special in-person events. I look forward to getting together in person at one of my many investor seminars around the country.

I’ve Saved the Best for Last

I know that today, the investing world can sometimes feel like a risky place. So I want to make this a completely risk free decision for you.

That’s why this invitation comes with the most generous guarantee I’ve EVER made:


GUARANTEE #1: I’ll deliver at least 50 double- or triple-digit winners a year, every year, for the next 5 years.

GUARANTEE #2: You can try Platinum Growth Club and enjoy all its benefits for one full year and if you are unsatisfied for ANY reason, I’ll refund 100% of your money.

GUARANTEE #3: If you are unsatisfied at any point during your memberships, you can cancel at any time and I’ll refund the remaining balance in your account.

With this ironclad, triple money back guarantee, you take ZERO risk when you give Platinum Growth Club a try. Get started now.

SAVE 81%—Very Limited Time Only

If you aren’t already chomping at the bit to get started, the crazy amount of money you’ll save with this invitation will push you over the edge.

If you subscribed to all four of my newsletter services for just one year, it would cost you $8,793 (and that doesn’t even include all the other invaluable benefits we’ve discussed).

But I’m not going to ask you to pay even a fraction of that price today. Here’s how it works…

As I said, subscribing to all of my services would cost $8,793 for one year.

Loyal members like you can normally join Platinum Growth for one year at our Charter Member fee of $6,776. Already a big savings.

But today only, I invite you to lock in five years of Platinum Growth for the low annual membership fee of just $1,599.

That means you save 81% each and every year for the next five years with this special invitation.

Let’s look at how your savings adds up…

All 4 services for five years $43,695
Loyalty rate for five years $35,970
Today’s offer for five years $7,995

As I said, my publisher has informed me that this is the last time I’ll be able to make this incredible offer.

(That’s one reason why this VIP invitation is only being sent to a small group of highly qualified readers, so please don’t forward this email under any circumstances.)

This is simply the best offer you will ever see, so if you have any intention of giving Platinum Growth Club a try I urge you to RSVP now and reserve one of the 65 spots available.

Only 65 Spots Available
First Come, First Served

The Platinum Growth Club is the total package that will give you the confidence you need to succeed… the exhilaration of beating the market… and peace of mind knowing that YOU are back in charge of your financial future.

Try it RISK-FREEIf you are ready to take your investing to the next level…

If you are ready to multiply your profits using the proven strategies I have used to beat the market over the last 30 years…

If you are ready to lock in our next 334 double- and triple-digit winners no matter what the market does …

Then I simply can’t think of a better way for you to ensure that the next five years are the most profitable, most successful investing years ever than to accept this private invitation. RSVP now to reserve your Platinum Growth Club Membership.

When you do, you’ll get:

  • All of my market beating servicesBlue Chip Growth, Emerging Growth, my SOLD OUT Family Trust and even my brand-new Ultimate Growth FREE. That alone is worth $8,793 a year.
  • Personal service. We’ll get together for monthly online conversations that end only when all of your questions have been answered.
  • You’ll have a direct way to reach me anytime you’d like. When you join, you’ll be given a special email address so you can write to me. You’ll also get a members-only phone number that will take you to our Platinum Growth Club concierge.
  • More profits than most investors dare dream of. And it won’t take a minute of extra work on your part. I’ll send you every alert, every trade, every video, every report that will boost your profits in the coming year.
  • 50 double- or triple-digit winners over the next 12 months—and every 12 months after that until 2018—guaranteed or your service is FREE!
  • A huge 81% savings each year for the next five years!
  • My personal and ironclad TRIPLE MONEY BACK GUARANTEE.

And perhaps most importantly, you’ll get the priceless benefit of knowing you will make money whether the market goes up, down or sideways… and the chance to sleep well at night knowing that you can stop worrying about market volatility and start profiting despite it.

In the first year alone, you will save $7,194. Over 5 years, you’ll save an eye-popping $35,970. But remember…

We’re accepting just 65 new Members—first come, first served—and this is the last time I will ever make this incredible offer.

I’ve penciled your name on the list, but I can’t hold your spot. Once the first 65 people RSVP, this offer will close.

If you have any interest in giving my Platinum Growth Club a try, you won’t find a better time to do so. RSVP here to get started now.

Start HereSincerely,

Signed Louis Navellier
Louis Navellier

P.S. I’m betting the strictly limited 65 spots available are snapped up quickly and once this offer closes, I guarantee you won’t see it again. So please don’t delay. RSVP now.

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