How American Energy Independence Is Making Investors Rich!

It will be the investing story of 2013: “How the drive for American energy independence kicked into high gear. And the one company which led the way, making their investors rich.”

Which means if you bought this company right now, in the early days of 2013, you’d be in on the ground floor.

By the end of 2013, you would have pocketed a fortune.

It’d been like owning Apple in 2005, when they were $36 a share. And just like Apple created a near monopoly with iPods, iPhones, and iPads, this oil transport company today is gobbling up the oil pipeline and storage business.

Their success results from three unique profit drivers.

Unique Profit Driver #1:

This company benefits if the price of oil goes up or down.

Why? They get paid according to the volume of oil they put through their pipelines. And even when times are slow, they are maxed out.

Mostly, it has to do with the explosive doubling of oil output since 2010 from North Dakota.

Note that in May 2010, output was around 310,000 barrels a day.

North Dakota: monthly oil production
thousand barrels per day


As you can see, at the right-hand side of the chart, within two years, North Dakota had doubled their output to a gigantic 640,000 barrels of oil per day!

This enormous increase in oil supply has maxed out ways to get the black gold from the wellhead to the consumer. And there’s no quick fix for it, either.

So there is, for the foreseeable future, far more demand for oil transport than there are pipelines to accommodate it. But this company also has…

Unique Profit Driver #2:

This company has a vast network of supply depots, rail cars, and tanker trucks. And they make tons of cash transporting oil into refineries as fast as their near overflowing vehicles allow.

No doubt—both the storage and transport bottleneck in the crude oil supply chain is a thorn in the side of the American oil industry. But it’s one that translates into HUGE revenues for this storage and transport company.

So no matter if there is high or low oil demand, both their storage and transport ends of the business run at full capacity, generating HUGE revenues.

These alone is enough to make this company’s growth explode for many years to come—and make their investors filthy rich. However, there is another revenue source generating mountains of cash:

Unique Profit Driver #3:

This company has an aggressive acquisition division. They’re buying up and turning around less efficient oil companies, and transforming them into profit powerhouses.

Just recently, they snatched up a whole slew of crude oil terminals, valued near half a billion dollars. Not only does that increase this company’s capacity, but by applying their business model, throughput at the facilities can’t help but increase.

It’s almost like bringing John D. Rockefeller into the 21st century, and putting him to work for you, finding new oil companies to strengthen your portfolio.

That’s the kind of ongoing aggressive acquisition that means this company’s investors will be counting soaring returns for years to come.

These 3 Unique Profit Drivers add up to one fact:

This company is a force to be reckoned with

No wonder they’re piling up wealth for their investors. They operate 16,000 miles of pipeline, 25 million barrels of tank capacity, and thousands of trucks, trailers, railcars and barges.

Many of these are located in the heart of the 21st century black gold rush: North Dakota and Texas… states that are leading the push to American Energy Independence.

And with all the right numbers on Wall Street, this company’s stock is…

Poised to break out

Investors are already pocketing capital gains. Its stock price has steadily gained nearly 40% since this time last year… but that’s just getting started. The chart below shows their steep price trajectory:

With the calendar flipped for a new year, I fully expect its stock price to climb much more sharply.

Plus, this company has hiked their quarterly dividends in 32 of the last 34 quarters…

…through some of the toughest economic times we’ve ever experienced. Very few companies can claim that success.

Sure, dividends like that make them a safe “conservative” investment. But their capital gains are strong enough to be rated an excellent growth stock…

Especially when you see how strong they’ve powered up the charts through the last four years of economic malaise.

So can you imagine the kind of profits they’ll make as the economy gets better?

That’s why I expect this solid earner to take off soon. Oil demand is expected to rise in 2013, according to the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) statement in December of 2012.

“Improving economic conditions in China and the US is likely to result in about 865,000 barrels of extra crude demand during 2013, to reach total consumption to 90.5m barrels a day, according to the IEA’s latest oil report.

That figure is more than 110,000 barrels more than estimated just four weeks ago…”

The Guardian, Wednesday 12 December 2012

This pipeline and storage company we’ve been discussing will be well positioned to meet that demand…

…and help lead the way to America’s energy independence.

And it’s just in time. Our country is already making tremendous leaps in oil production.

For example, The U.S. exported more gasoline, diesel and other fuels than it imported in 2011 for the first time since 1949, the Energy Department said.

Now, that doesn’t factor in crude. But if you want to put crude into the mix, America is currently on track to overtake Saudi Arabia in oil production by 2020, according to Bloomberg.

That will make us the biggest oil producer worldwide on all fronts!

So this is a stock to be excited about. As we’ve seen, this company can hardly keep up with the demand for its pipelines, it’s in the middle of the biggest energy export boom since 1949, and it will be riding the crest of the biggest oil-producing country by 2020.

This stock is already a steady earner in economies both good and bad, has all the right numbers, and is ready for a breakout in 2013.

Bottom line: this stock is on my list of top stocks to own in 2013!

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