8 Ways to Win 680% During Recessions, Crashes and Meltdowns…

8 Ways to Win 680% During Recessions, Crashes and Meltdowns…

If you believe the worst time to invest is during a recession, then you’re in for a rude awakening.

History proves the biggest money is made when the economy has tanked.

Fact: More than half of today’s Fortune 500 companies were started in a recession or bear market

Fact: More millionaires are made during depressions than any other time

Fact: This recession has increased the number of the rich by nearly 30% since the 2008 crash, according to Business Insider.

Fact: Since the meltdown, those already rich are getting richer… and are getting richer faster, according to the New York Times

Do you want to know how you can join them? In just the 10 minutes it will take to read this article, I can show you how.

I’m Louis Navellier. In the last 10 years, in some of the worst market conditions imaginable, I’ve made a stunning 680% profit—as calculated by the independent newsletter rating service, The Hulbert Financial Digest—for an exclusive club of investors.

…and we continue to rack up the wins, no matter what the economy throws at us.

And in a moment, I’ll share the secrets of how I’ve done it… and show you how you can get results like I have, too.

But first, I need to tell you… I understand how individual investors can be afraid of stocks today. If that’s you, you’re not alone.

Especially right now, with such media mania about our fiscal crisis, the debt bomb, the European and Japanese recessions, China… the list goes on.

Maybe you’re doing as the so-called “gurus” tell you and you’re sitting on the sidelines in cash—or in “safe” investments, like treasury bonds, CDs, and money market funds.

The fact is—each returns less than the rate of inflation .

But if you’re afraid of stocks, let me tell you: the stock market is not the enemy.

The real enemy is fear. It will make you miss opportunities. It will make you buy and sell at the worst possible times. It will smash your nest egg.

That, my friend, is…

The REAL cost of fear

Fear makes you invest exactly opposite of how you should:

  • Fear makes you sell—after your portfolio hits bottom. Which only locks in your losses.
  • Fear shackles you to the sidelines, still trembling in the aftershock, convinced that the bottom will fall out again, while the market rallies. So you miss the big gains.
  • Fear continues to keep you sidelined, until everybody’s talking about how high the market’s going… Ultimately you get back in… only it’s at the peak.
  • Fear makes you sell low, and buy high.

Fear rules how most individual investors invest. And it’s why the big guys take their money.

Worst of all, fear blinds you to breakout profits in killer stocks, because you make the critical mistake of believing that since the overall market is down that means ALL stocks are down…

The 1% know that down markets are a gift and they jump at the opportunity. That’s why more millionaires are being made than at any other time!

So if you are missing the double and triple-digit gains you should be making in stocks today, then…

Snap out of it!

Let me be blunt. Living in fear—sticking your head in the sand—is no way to live or invest and it only pushes you further and further from reaching your goals.

Look, there’s BIG money to be made, right now, while the rest of the investing world seems to be cowering in fear of world events.

And you’re missing some of the biggest opportunities I’ve seen in years. It may not seem so to the average investor.

Yet there’s no denying the amazing wealth-building stocks that do particularly well in “down times.”

Just look at this recession—and the recession before it—which together created the so-called “lost decade.”

It certainly wasn’t “lost” to those who followed my advice. And they are individual investors, just like you.

Here’s a sample of what the “lost decade” has served up to us on a silver platter—since 2003:

  • 24 stocks that gained over 100%
  • 3 stocks that soared past the 200% mark
  • 2 stocks that rocketed 300% or more
  • 1 stock that went through the roof for a 1,125% gain

Yet most investors look at the market, knowing that they’ve lost big twice in the past 10 years, and they can’t afford to do it now for the third time.

This is where I can help. Because instead of parking your money in safe, low-earning securities… I’d like you to be able to take advantage of the opportunities that are making the ranks of the rich swell by nearly a third.

To be able to invest in innovative companies with impressive recession-proof growth and less risk that will get you to your goals, in any economy, during any market conditions.

Sure, the media’s yammering on and on about the Fiscal Cliff—that’s what sells. But once you side with someone who can cut through the fear-mongering, you’ll be able to pocket double and triple-digit winners, in spite of the media doom and gloom.

So please, consider this…

My gift to you

I want to show you something. Something that until now, I’ve only shared with my friends, family, and followers.

I want you to know exactly how, during the “lost decade,” we easily outperformed the market over 9 to 1.

That is why I’m writing you today. Because it’s tragic how many investors miss this fundamental point I just stated: While the overall market may be sinking, many individual stocks are skyrocketing.

It’s almost ridiculous.

But individual investors miss great deals in the market every day because they see the overall index has tanked and are afraid to make a move.

To paraphrase the Great Wayne Gretsky’s quote: “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

I like to say, “You miss 100% of the investments you don’t take.”

And right now, my followers have got about 20 HUGE winners available for their portfolio… and I’ve got my eyes on seven or eight more I’ll add soon…

I want to share with you how I find these big gainers during ANY market—up, down, or sideways. Because one thing my members learn fast— the direction of the market is irrelevant to a winning stock that gaining value fast.

So with your permission, I want to send you an important free report, normally valued at $97, that could double, even triple your portfolio during the next four years.

It shows you how to spot wins a mile away… and how to spot stocks that are about to drop—just like I do… Here’s a quick look at this report.

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Inside this report, you will discover my 8 Wealth Building Keys I’ve used to clobber the markets 9 to 1. And I’ll show you how to get it for free.

Some of my followers have even called it a 10-Minute Mini MBA in Finance.

And once you see how it works, you’ll never fear investing during any market conditions again. You’ll know a sensible, low-risk strategy that finds rock-solid stocks no matter what any overall market is doing.

Plus, when I’m done showing it to you, I’ll reveal how you can put these 8 Wealth Building Keys on autopilot, so they spoon feeds you one to three new potential barn-burners every month.

I’ll give you the first three Wealth Building Keys here… and give you a link to get the other five completely free.

Let’s start with…

Wealth Building Key #1: Positive Earnings Surprises. When you discover how to find stocks known for surprising analysts with their stellar earnings, you’ll look like a genius. Your wealth will soar when they “gap up” before, during, and after earnings announcements.

Wealth Building Key #2: Positive Earnings Revisions. You get a clear path to wealth by “reading the minds” of top Wall Street analysts. I’ll reveal how to spot the money making over-achievers, while ignoring the flash-in-the-pans.

Wealth Building Key #3: Increasing Sales Growth. Continuous rapid sales growth of a company’s products signals a big winner. It’s also a beacon signaling long-term growth, from sheer momentum… or an early warning if a stock is about to slide.

Those are just the first three Wealth Building Keys in my special report. And I’ll explain the other five with you in-depth, in my free report: 8 Ways To Pick A Winning Stock—In ANY Market!

Among those remaining five Wealth Building Secrets, you’ll also get:

  • My secret investment code for creating consistent triple-digit wins
  • How to create your portfolio to rival the returns of any on Wall Street
  • How to finally find financial freedom, allowing you to walk away from doubts, fears, and failures of the past. Because even though fear is costing you a fortune this very moment…

…you can now turn your fear into your advantage. Because this report sets you on…

The path to financial independence

Finally! You are about to discover how to achieve your financial dreams—how to overcome the fear that keeps so many investors from getting rich…

Just as hundreds of my members before you have.

Because what every investor seeks—and what you deserve—is now within your grasp: to live the life you’ve always wanted. With enough money to live a life free from fear, to be financially secure…

You can live without worrying about the economy. Or the latest election results. Or the debt. Or one of a hundred other worries…

…that will become trivial, once you have the kind of money that insulates you from these problems.

Having financial independence can transform your life. I’ve seen it in countless numbers of my followers.

It’s a real good feeling to awaken every day, looking forward to it with a sense of discovery and excitement, knowing you have nothing to be concerned about…

You have achieved the ultimate success. The ability to go where you want, and do as you please. Vacation in the tropics, visit exotic locations, or do charitable work at your leisure.

The main occupation of one couple I know, is to check in on their investments from their boat, every day or two, for ten minutes, as they cruise up and down the Eastern U.S. coast.

This is what retirement is supposed to be about—worry-free relaxation. These are our golden years. We’ve worked for them. We’ve earned them. And we deserve to live them to our fullest—free from the fear of running out of retirement funds…

And it all starts with getting your hands on my one-of-a-kind investing resource: 8 Ways To Pick A Winning Stock—In ANY Market!

Remember, this is the report that led readers to double and triple-digit winners amounting to 680% profits during the “lost decade.”

It’s not hard to see why some have called this report a 10-Minute Mini-MBA in Finance…

Now, how would you like to earn that MBA at absolutely no charge?

Here’s how: Simply…

Claim a 90-day test drive of my elite
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And you’ll get all the benefits I’ve mentioned above.

But why Emerging Growth? Because the fastest growing U.S. stocks are emerging opportunities we carefully select in “small cap” stocks.

Small caps take the fear out of investing—by taking out the overall market movements—you only concentrate on stocks that fit our 8 Wealth Building Keys, as you’ll discover in your special report.

Just take a look at a sample of some of our recent locked in triple-digit winners:

  • Netflix up 112% in 11 months
  • Ebix up 186% in 12 months
  • Spreadtrum up 172% in 14 months
  • IMAX Corp. up 150% in 14 months
  • SXC Health Solutions up 146% in 18 months
  • Medifast up 130% in 17 months

And I’ve got several more in my sights, ready to go into our portfolio now.

Each pick must meet the rigorous criteria in my 8 Wealth Building Keys I’m about to give you at no charge in 8 Ways To Pick A Winning Stock—In ANY Market!

You get only specially selected low risk, high return picks… so you’ll never fear not knowing what to invest in, ever again.

In fact, here’s everything you get in your 100% risk-free 90-day test drive of Emerging Growth:

  • Your Own Personal Risk-Eliminating Strategy… my Emerging Growth portfolio is stuffed with over 30 top stocks, carefully arranged into three categories: conservative, growth, or aggressive. Follow my allocation strategy and assemble your portfolio with some of the lowest risk, biggest gainers in the market!
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  • Laser-Precise “Buy Below” Prices… My 8-step formula computes exact “Buy Below” prices for each and every stock on the Emerging Growth Buy List. You simply determine if a stock you want is below my buy price… then you can buy worry-free with minimized risk, at a price researched to maximize your return.
  • New Winning Stocks Every Month… as hand-picked by my team, and screened through my stiff 8-step formula. You get one to three new plays each month, with the highest potential to exploit this ongoing economic malaise.
  • FLASH ALERTS… when breaking news impacts our stocks or strategy, I notify you immediately by email. No waiting around until the opportunity passes you by. Also, should a market crash show up on the horizon—I notify you to pull the plug, before the damage is done.
  • Weekly Updates… you’ll never invest alone as a member of Emerging Growth. I keep in touch with you, every week, with my latest research and market analysis. You’ll get critical up-to-the minute intelligence on where stocks are… and where they’re going… so you can stay a step ahead of Wall Street.
  • Access To Our Private Website… where you’ll find your monthly issue, as well as archives of all prior issues, updates, and alerts. Plus, you can download any and all reports from my comprehensive library of wealth building research reports, print them out, and read them anywhere you want.
  • A Members-Only Forum… our lively Forum gets your questions answered personally. I’m on the boards daily answering your questions and posting stock updates. Or, you can bounce ideas off of fellow members in this vibrant Emerging Growth community.
  • My Proprietary Stock Grading Tool… Do you have a stock you want to research? We have a high-powered bank of back-end computers that will push it through our rigorous 8-step formula, and rank it for you. This is the same tool my research team and I use to keep tabs on over 5,000 different stocks constantly. Now you get it, too!

Financial independence is within your grasp!

I love what I’m doing. For the last 22 years, I’ve worked with all types of people. People I grew up with. My family. My friends. And it’s always the same. People want to achieve the American Dream. To amass wealth. To become rich. To Retire comfortably.

And sure, a $5000 a year service may give them the advice to achieve the wealth they deserve. But I’ve wanted to keep Emerging Growth within everyone’s reach.

And sure, some may say that unless they’ve grown their money 680% since 2003, even a high price like $3,500 a year would be a bargain.

But you won’t even pay that. If you are willing to act within the next 24 hours, you can get everything above…

…including your own Personal Risk-Eliminating Strategy, my Fast Start Stocks, my portfolio of over 30 stocks, my special report 8 Ways To Pick A Winning Stock—In ANY Market!… and unlimited access to my Proprietary Stock Grading Tool…

A bundle well worth $5,000 a year…

Yet for the next 24 hours, you pay only $297 for 3 months. Or, you can lock in a full year for a mere $997.

Do you think that’s too much? Then your decision is simple:

Don’t buy!

You can continue to sit on the sidelines in fear, as taxes and inflation eat up your nest egg. You can worry about every penny you could lose… and every opportunity you will lose, when the market rebounds.

You can fear outliving your money. Having to choose someday between being dependent on your kids—or the government—or of being broke and alone.

I’ve heard that sometimes living in fear keeps people safe: they’re always on the lookout for danger. But for anyone over 50, fear is a fast-track to the poorhouse, with growing taxes, inflation, and medical bills.

Instead, you can take a 90-day test drive, a no-risk trial membership, where you can join our community of successful investors at Emerging Growth, who are making money in this market… and have during every down market in the last 10 years .

But even still…

In case you have any doubts…
here’s my zero-risk “Triple Guarantee”

I’m going to remove all risk from you, and take it on my shoulders. I’m going to make sure you are protected with my unique Zero-Risk Triple Guarantee.

Guarantee #1—Double-Digit Growth :

Claim your 90-day test drive to Emerging Growth. Track your earnings. Make sure they are on target for double or triple-digit gains.

And don’t even worry about making your decision until midnight of the 89th day…

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No questions asked. No worries.

And we’ll still be friends.

Yet on top of Guarantee #1, you also get…

Guarantee #2—100% Satisfaction :

You must agree Emerging Growth meets or exceeds your expectations in every way. You MUST be 100% satisfied with your membership. If for any reason—any reason at all—you wish to cancel in the first 90 days, I will INSIST you accept an immediate refund of every cent you paid.

You can even say the dog ate it. Your reason isn’t the issue… your satisfaction is, and it’s 100% guaranteed for 90 days.

Now, if you choose the option to join us for a full year of Emerging Growth, you also get…

Guarantee #3: A FULL YEAR Of Guaranteed Satisfaction .

If you join us at Emerging Growth for a full year, even after the first ninety days, you are still protected. If you desire to cancel any time after 90 days, for whatever reason, I will RUSH you a pro-rated refund of the remaining portion of your membership.

Plus, you get to keep all of the special reports, all of your wins, and any bonuses—with my compliments.

So you are triple protected. You have no risk. There is nothing to lose.

So please don’t hesitate—not even for a second. Click the button below to join Emerging Growth now, before this offer times out:

But there is a catch…

Remember earlier, I said this offer was only open for 24 hours? At midnight tomorrow night, the window slams shut…

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Please, I urge you… don’t let that happen to you. Because when you add in everything you’re getting…

PLUS the gains you’ll make during this horrid economy—without worries or fear…

PLUS the soaring wins you’ll make when you’re in the market during its rebound…

PLUS the fact that you’ve got an iron-clad 3-way guarantee…

I think you’ll agree—this is an offer you can’t afford to miss.

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Claim your 90 day trial now, before it times out!

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Yours for Bigger Winners More Often,

signed- Louis Navellier
Louis Navellier
Editor, Emerging Growth

P.S. Remember our track record of 680% since 2003?

This is a triple-guaranteed service that will show you how to exploit every weakness in the economy, and giving you a proven rock-solid method that will overcome every fear you have of investing in ANY market… while handing you lifelong financial independence with routine double and triple-digit wins.

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