It's Going To Be Another Big Hit

The wait is over—the iPhone 5 was officially announced today. Pre-orders will begin on Friday, and new phones will start to ship by the next week. And you better believe that this is going to have a big effect on Apple (AAPL) fourth-quarter sales.

First, let’s run down the details:

  • Bigger 4" screen, but 18% thinner and 20% lighter than the iPhone 4S.
  • Better call quality, audio playback and stunning camera quality.
  • Powered by an A6 processor, a chip that’s up to twice as fast vs. the A5, with improved battery life.
  • And here is what everyone has been waiting for… It will come with 4G LTE wireless!

Along with the new iPhone, Apple revealed more details about its mobile operating system—iOS 6—which revamps the turn-by-turn navigation app, and has a new and improved Siri and better video chat options.

And although we didn’t see any hints of an iPad Mini, it was widely expected that Apple would have a separate event to keep the excitement going this fall—hopefully we’ll hear more details on the smaller iPad front in October.

Now, as I mentioned, all these are great—the phone is going to be a big seller for the company. But what’s even more exciting is that although China wasn’t mentioned in the presentation, analysts expect that support for the proprietary 3G network of China Mobile (CHL), the largest cellular operator in the world with 650 million mobile subscribers, will be coming in the first half of next year.

China is already a big market for Apple, and the company has gradually increasing its focus on the region—growing revenues threefold year-on-year. China will likely be the world’s largest smartphone market by year-end, and some analysts expect that a China Mobile deal could add as much as 20%+ upside to AAPL shares. Clearly, this is an important area for the company, and I’ll keep a close eye on developments here.

Of course, all this is going to be great for Apple—I’m very confident that shares are heading higher and I’m recommending the stock in my Blue Chip Growth newsletter. We’re currently sitting on 250% gains, and as I’ve discussed on CNBC, I think that Apple may very well be a trillion-dollar company in the next several years.

But other than the AAPL pure play, I just recommended that my Emerging Growth subscribers initiate a position in a practically unknown Chinese company that is tripling its sales after recently having won the contract to build the LCD modules for the latest iPhones and iPads. And right now, shares are still trading below my buy limit. If you’re a member, make sure that you don’t miss my full write-up on this exciting opportunity.


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