I didn't expect to spark such a debate…

It was a simple question I thought: How much of my own money should I invest along with you in my new project, Navellier Family Trust? The response was overwhelming. So thank you for that.

How much of my personal money should I invest in my new Navellier Family Trust investing project? My inbox was overflowing with points and counterpoints about what dollar amount was fair, what was reasonable and what was expected.

Gordon W. wants me to start with $30,000 and John H. said that $50,000 was way too much money.

On the other side of the debate was Susan V. who said, “I would feel more comfortable if you were investing a sizable sum.” She thought $250,000 to $500,000 was reasonable and a number of people told me to put down a full million dollars.

The responses and suggestions for Navellier Family Trust were numerous, but time is short and we have to narrow this down. I’m opening the doors on Labor Day—less than two weeks from now. I am so excited about this new project.

As you can tell by the name, this really is an affair among family and friends. And it is important to me that you have as much input in the service design as possible.

I’ve set up a specific email account for you to tell me exactly what you want from Navellier Family Trust. Email me now at this special address. Thank you in advance for helping me shape Navellier Family Trust.

Now, many of you have already sent me your thoughts and questions and I’d like to address those now and give you insight into how this service is developing.

Forrest M. sent me a several-page email with very specific questions about Navellier Family Trust. Let’s start with his questions.

“Will you be working strictly with stocks, or will you include mutual funds and ETFs? Any bond or bond fund exposure?”

The answer is “just stocks” for now. I don’t have any plans to recommend mutual funds, ETFs or anything other than stocks to start. Buying pressure has been unbelievably resilient in large-cap dividend stocks and that is where we’re going to start our buying. I don’t see the profit and safety opportunities in other investment vehicles and we’re going to leave them out of the mix for at least a year.

What I will be doing that is unlike my existing services is that I will be recommending Master Limited Partnerships (MLPs). These are publicly traded like stocks but they have a specific legal and tax structure that keeps them from suffering from double taxation. A win for investors.

But I don’t fight the market and if the time comes to change the asset mix of my wife Wendy’s account, I’m going to do the exact same in Navellier Family Trust. If you aren’t familiar with Wendy’s account and how it plays into this conversation, everything you need to catch up as at this link.

“Will your product be appropriate for investors in their 80’s?”

This question was also from Forrest. And I have to say that the portfolio and strategy that I have created is well-suited for ANY investor that is looking for safety and growth. We’re going to follow a strategy to maximum wealth step-by-step. This is exactly what investors near or in retirement need. And since we’re going to be focusing heavily on high-yield dividend stocks, this will be an excellent resource for income-hungry investors.

The one thing I want to be sure that every member understands is that there is no “cherry picking” of stocks here. You follow every step right along with me. You buy when I buy and sell when I sell so that we can build your portfolio and wealth brick-by-brick. Each stock is specifically chosen both on its own merits and on how it impacts the risk/reward ratio of the whole portfolio—and that kind of guidance is invaluable at any age.

“I am a member of Blue Chip Growth. When I sign up for Navellier Family Trust will I still need Blue Chip?”

I received many variations of this question from people like Cynthia N. It’s true that both services will have blue chip stocks and that both will include dividend payers. But these two services have very different identities. 

Blue Chip Growth focuses on the top large-cap stocks and the specifics on stocks and the market. We have Weekly Updates and Monthly Issues to talk about the big trends, the market and the specific happenings of our stocks.

Navellier Family Trust is about building a portfolio. It’s about understanding how the stocks are combined to give you maximum safety, growth and yield. The individual stocks are important, but they are a distant second to how all of the stocks work together in the ultimate portfolio.

I recommend that you keep both services because you will want both types of communications and investing instruction. To help you do exactly that, I’m working with my publisher to give you a free year or more of my Blue Chip Growth newsletter when you become a Navellier Family Trust member. So stay tuned for more details and be ready for the doors to open September 3, 2012.

Keep the questions coming!

This is just the tip of the iceberg of questions I’ve received so I’ll continue answering as many as I can via email and here online. And I want to hear yours. Write me today and tell me your thoughts on the exact starting value of the Navellier Family Trust portfolio. Tell me what you think of this new investing approach and ask me anything. I would love to feature your submission in an upcoming communication.

Email me at this special address.


Louis Navellier

Louis Navellier

P.S. If you haven’t already submitted your name for priority notification when the doors open for Navellier Family Trust, you must do so now. Go to this special site and enter your email in the box. Interest is very high and the spots are very limited. Expressing your interest is the only way I can guarantee you’ll have an opportunity to join.

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