No More YouTube for iPhone

Apple Inc. (AAPL) has announced that it will no longer be preloading the YouTube app on its iPhones. In case you didn’t know, YouTube is owned by Google Inc. (GOOG) and with Google now in the smartphone and tablet game, it makes sense for Apple stop promoting Google brands.

It’s not really breaking news nor does anyone seem very upset about the change. YouTube will probably put a new app in the App Store where you can download it for free and Apple is supposedly developing its own video-watching app.

I own a number of Apple devices and I will likely be upgrading them when new versions come out, but I’m not going to miss YouTube, nor will I be searching for it in the App Store.

The two apps that I use most and would be pretty upset if they weren’t available anymore are FlightTrack and My Radar.

I’m constantly crisscrossing the country hosting seminars, meeting clients and partners and keeping up with my very active children. The FlightTrack app is a well spent $4.99 as it updates you constantly as to which gate you need to be at, if the flight is delayed 11 minutes and if you’re probably going to land a bit early. No more running around the airport looking up for one of those massive banks of screens searching for my flight.

The other app that makes my live easier is My Radar. There are free and paid versions and I think the free is just fine. This is certainly handy when I travel because the app tracks live Doppler radar from around the country and you can see exactly where the strong stuff is and if it’s headed your way. This is particularly helpful this time of year at my Florida home.

If you lose power when a hurricane if headed your way the radio is helpful, but seeing the images of exactly where the storm is makes you feel much more in control and prepared.

And I can’t talk about apps and not plug my own app. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s called Stock of the Day and it’s exactly that. I post my full analysis on one new stock every trading day of the week.

I use a mixture of Portfolio Grader and 30 years of experience to break down each stock and tell you exactly what I think about its ability to help you build your wealth.

And I use the Market Dashboard throughout the day–I find it a great way to stay on top of the biggest large-cap and small-cap movers of the day.

If you haven’t seen it or downloaded it, you can do so on just about any mobile device. Here’s a page with all the details and direct links to all the different app stores.

And if you want to share your favorite app or tell me about how you’re using my Stock of the Day app, you can email me and my team directly at [email protected]


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