Making sense of this historic low-yield, low-return market

I’m sure by now you’ve heard the buzz. We are just four days away from officially opening Navellier Family Trust to new members. I couldn’t be more excited.

No less than 25,000 individuals have submitted their email address to express their interest in taking part in this unusual project. That high level of advance interest isn’t surprising. After all, the concept was developed in direct response to requests from individual investors looking for more hands-on guidance investing in this challenging market. However, there will only be 1,000 spots available.

The goal of Navellier Family Trust is to build a BALANCED portfolio that can provide the SAFETY you need to sleep at night—and the INCOME and GROWTH you need to reach your long-term financial goals.

I would like nothing more than for you to have the opportunity to become a member and to invest alongside me. Of course, you don’t have to make any decisions today.

To help you decide if you’d like to join the growing list of investors who are already on the invite list (or at least hear more about this unusual opportunity), I’d like to send you something valuable right now for FREE.

It’s a bundle of research reports my team and I produced to help individual investors make sense of this historic low-yield, low-return market. With your permission, I’d like to send you all three reports …

  1. Report #1: “The ONE Crippling Mistake You May Be Making—And why it’s already undermining your retirement…”

    Reveals the most costly mistake U.S investors are making right now. Nothing less than an entire generation’s hopes for a safe and comfortable retirement hang in the balance. You may be making this mistake already—but you can easily avoid it. Discover how in your FREE report!

  1. Report #2: “The Hidden New Rules of Dividends—How 3 subtle shifts will make everything you know about dividend investing obsolete…”

    Three overlooked developments are changing the landscape for dividend investors. This new report reveals exactly what you must do to protect yourself… PLUS 3 new “Dividend Growth Kings” you can buy today for maximum income, safety, and GROWTH. It’s yours FREE!

  1. Report #3: “Spooked by the Fiscal Cliff?—Make These 3 Moves by Dec. 31, 2012…”
    The brand new report reveals the three simple steps that can protect you from the looming Fiscal Cliff… plus three low-risk, high-return investments to buy by yearend. It also reveals two surprising reasons the Fiscal Cliff may actually be good for America! It’s also yours, FREE!

Again, I want you to have all three reports absolutely FREE. No strings attached. You won’t be asked for a credit card. Or password. Or to take a free trial of any kind. Simply tell me where to send your reports and they’re yours—FREE!

Click here now and tell me where you’d like to receive your reports. You’ll also learn more about my unusual new project, Navellier Family Trust, including…

How the service was specifically designed to take the guesswork 100% out of investing. And how, once you’re a member, you will never again wonder …

  • Exactly WHAT stock to buy
  • Exactly WHEN to buy it, and
  • Exactly HOW MUCH to buy

In short, how you’ll always know how many shares to allocate to each new position… when to average up on a winning position… when to sit tight… and exactly when to lock in your profits and move on.
Plus, I’ll show you how you can beat the rush and pre-enroll on Labor Day, September 3, 2012. It’s all spelled out for you in the pages of your FREE reports.

There is only one catch: Because my entire staff will spend the holiday weekend making the final preparations for our official launch on Tuesday, September 4, 2012, I absolutely MUST hear from you no later than 4 p.m. EDT TODAY.

Otherwise, I will gladly send you your free reports—but I will be unable to get your name on my advance invitation list. So if you think you might be interested in claiming one of the few available spots, please don’t wait too long.

Click the link here now and tell me where to send your FREE reports.


Louis Navellier

Louis Navellier

PS: Because I’ve never done anything quite like this before, I can’t say for certain how quickly our 1,000 seats will fill up. But given the early feedback and the buzz around the project among my subscribers and readers, I am concerned that we will fill up quickly—and will have to turn interested investors away. So if you think you might like to join us, please don’t risk missing out. Click here now to claim your free reports and your private invitation.

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