Earnings Battles and a Tech War

The market has gone a full six days without posting gains and many investors are rightly frustrated.

I might be too if I didn’t have the power of earnings on my side. One of my stocks reported earnings today and shared jumped 6%!

This is proof positive that there are select companies that will see similar boosts in the coming weeks (like those on my Blue Chip Growth and Emerging Growth Buy Lists). This is why I love earnings season.

Many flagship tech giants are on the verge of reporting earnings and I want to know which companies you’re most excited about—especially with the tech wars really heating up.

Rumors are that Apple Inc. (AAPL) is working on an iPad mini. Microsoft Corp. (MSFT) is launching its Surface tablet. IBM (IBM) has been expanding its data analytics contracts and Hewlett-Packard Co. (HPQ) is currently the top PC seller in the world.

If you have to pick one, which company do you believe did the best job racking up sales and growing earnings in the second quarter?

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Which will be the biggest tech winner this earnings season?


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