I'm Impressed

I’m Impressed

I asked a simple question this morning and received some profound responses that I would like to share with you on the eve of this Independence Day.

The question was: “What does financial independence mean to you?”

The responses were sincere and enlightening. And to be honest, they showed the true nature of our great country. Many of the posts fell into two camps and I’d like to share a few from each category with you.

#1: Focus on Family

“It means that I will not have to burden my children as I reach old age.”

“Financial independence for me has meant being able to send my son to college, and now, grad school without him having to work a side job to pay for his tuition, books, and boarding.”

“The ability to help my children and grandchildren on the spur of the moment.”

#2: Dedication to the Less Fortunate

“To me it means living a modest life and being able to contribute to worthy charities.”

“It means that I can pursue and enjoy other meaningful things other than food, clothing and shelter. Things such as continuing education (formal and informal), charity and helping others get a fresh start.”

“It’s having the freedom to give charities and to my loved ones.”

This one question gave me more than insight into what people are looking for with their investments. It renewed my faith in people.

There are many reasons to be cynical about the direction our country is headed in, or the current state of the economy or even our collective moral compass. But after today, I know that when it comes down to it, our country is full of good people that want to do right by their families and communities. And that has given me another reason to celebrate the achievements and struggles the United States has gone through so we can celebrate this July 4th!

Have a wonderful and safe holiday,

Louis Navellier

Louis Navellier

Louis Navellier

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