Our Secret Love Affair With Bailouts

I suspect the world has a secret love affair with bailouts.

I say it’s a secret because no one really admits that they are in favor of them. Greece’s elections prove that. Protest all you want against bailouts, but when you close the curtain behind you in the voting booth and no one can see you, you vote for the pro-bailout party.

The same is true here in the U.S. Newscasters, politicians, experts and everyday Americans say that bailouts aren’t needed and they don’t work, but the markets rally when the Fed says they may step in with a government bailout called “quantitative easing.”

I have my thoughts on bailouts and quantitative easing, but I want to hear from you and I want the truth.

This one-question poll is completely confidential so be honest.

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Where do you stand on bailouts?


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