Word on the Street: Blue Chip Growth Beats By Four-to-One

Sometimes when we get caught in the excitement of earnings season, it can be easy to forget that a successful investment strategy has to be able to outperform through the long term. So I’m happy to say that in addition to my personal track record, there are plenty of folks out there who keep tabs on my investing newsletters to make sure that my readers are getting bang for their buck. One of these is the Wall Street Journal’s Peter Brimelow, who checks in on my Blue Chip Growth and Emerging Growth newsletters from time to time and puts in his two cents.

Earlier today, Mr. Brimelow wrote a story on Blue Chip Growth, and noted the newsletter’s market-beating performance:

“Over the past 12 months through April, Blue Chip Growth is up 15.1% by Hulbert Financial Digest count vs. 3.47% for the total Wilshire 5000, making it the second-best performer of the 180-plus letters followed by the HFD.”

Although I wouldn’t go so far as to call myself a “wunderkind,” I’m pleased that Blue Chip Growth has attracted the attention of analysts. Nonetheless, I’m not entirely surprised. In the past year we have locked in a number of stunning gains in this newsletter, including:

  • Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN) + 116%
  • Express Scripts (ESRX) + 61%
  • Ford Motor Co. (F) +43%
  • Cognizant Technology Solutions (CTSH) +40%

And, that’s because my Blue Chip Growth Buy List focuses on the top 10% of large-cap stocks around, and in this narrow market environment, it pays to focus on the crème de la crème. If you are not yet a member of my Blue Chip Growth community, and are interested in locking in some of the gains that Mr. Brimelow writes about, now is a great opportunity to get on board.


Louis Navellier

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