Preview of the October Blue Chip Growth Issue

I’m currently finished up the October issue of Blue Chip Growth. I plan to have three new additions to the Buy List. The issue will be posted to the Blue Chip Growth website after the market closes today.

In the issue, I’ll discuss why I’m so bullish on the market and our stocks in particular. The three main reasons are:

Blowout 3Q Earnings: We are on the cusp of another exciting round of quarterly reports, and the third quarter should mark one of the best earnings seasons ever here at Blue Chip Growth.

U.S. GDP Will Turn Positive: The word “recession” is a psychological drain for investors and consumers alike. Once positive third-quarter GDP numbers roll out, things should really start cooking for our stocks.

A Clear Business Recovery: While the consumer is still a slow to participate in this recovery, businesses are doing quite well. This will get money moving again and push the global economy into high gear.

Our Buy List has already beaten the S&P 500 for eight of the last 11 years. With three-and-half months to go, I think we’ll be able to do it again.

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